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Tell us something about yourself - Essay

Nov 5, 2009   #1
Tell us something about yourself that we would not find on your resumé. (Not to exceed 500 words)

I have some queries regarding this essay -
I have 3 things to write

1. My personal upbringing, hardships I had to face while I grew and how thy influenced my personal character n how this will help when I am at school

2. To let them know that I am a painter - Here, I can describe my passion for it

3. To let the school know my Yoga experience

I am confused, which one to write n what not to write. I have a liking for the first one. Is it ok and answers the question or are they expecting some true passion. I am applying for a B school MBA program

Please suggest,
Thank you in advance


If you have a liking for the first one, why don't you write about it and try to weave painting and Yoga into it? You can say how painting and Yoga helped you overcome your hardships, how they drive you and inspire you, letting you look at problems from different angles etc.

If these things are a huge part of your life, I'd include them all. 500 words aren't that few. You should try to tell as much as possible about yourself, so if I were you I wouldn't limit myself to just one thing. Especially if you're thinking about throwing out things you're passionate about =) When people write about things they care about it always turns out more vivid.

Good luck!
Nov 5, 2009   #3
I have tried that...but somehow I have not been able to weave them together. I dont want to post it here, because the essay is a bit personal. Is there any way I can send them to you. Please let me know...
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Nov 6, 2009   #5
I think you could write about upbringing & hardships, and you could make passing references to Yoga and painting. That is very efficient. A short essay about hardships, and coping through art and meditation (Yoga).

Good luck!!!!
Nov 9, 2009   #6
Hi Kevin,
I would like your feedback as well. Would you mind sharing your email id so that I can send my essays to you.
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Nov 10, 2009   #8
You have to post it here to get my feedback! But I understand if it is something you do not want the world to see. However, it is alright to be close friends with the world, sometimes.
To some degree, painting parallels to Yoga because both need perseverance. Maybe you could write something about how these activities developed your characters。

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