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Textile and Apparel Management, born in a Persian family - statement of objectives

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Jan 8, 2011   #1
Statement of objectives
Considering my intelligence, passion and motivation with capability of working hard, I believe that I have succeeded in progressing toward my objectives, and in order to continue in this direction I am enthusiastically applying to The University .... for the graduate studies program.

I was born in an educated Persian family with strong social values of hard work and resilience in the face of adversity. Growing up in such as this family that everyone knew her/his responsibilities and all had great sympathy for each other, I learnt to be supportive and helpful to the people. Also, because my parents had full time job, I learnt to be independent in my life that helps me a lot during my education and job experiences. Till now I have overcame many obstacles in my path and I am confident that I will be able to overcome others relying on my determination and perseverance.

After graduation from ... high school (one of the best schools in city) in 2002, I took part in the undergraduate university entrance exam and was accepted with a high rank to study Textile Engineering at ..., one of the most competitive engineering schools in the country. In 2007, I participated in the national examination of textile Management for M.S entrance and I ranked 5th among more than 1000 participants and I entered at the ... (the First ranking Textile management master program of the country) to continue towards the MS degree. I put a great effort to be successful in my courses and my research. My GPA during B.S. was 14.06/20.0 (major GPA: 16.79/20).The average GPA of the department is 13.5/20. Also I was finally graduated with a total GPA of 16.55/20.0 in master degree.

However, during my graduate study in Textile Management, I felt short of in-depth understanding toward some industrial engineering and management professional subjects, and I had to seek help from IE departments, so, I took 4 additional courses at Industrial Engineering in Supply Chain Management & Logistic, Operations Management, System Analysis and Corporate Finance Management (I was the only one among my classmates in textile department that took these courses) that let me be more successful in understanding concepts in my thesis and my job. I found out SCM as a beautiful combination of management and engineering concepts which in both of them I had high interest. So, I decided to combine this topic with Electronic Business to do a unique research in textile industry in my country for my master's thesis. Besides, I am a professional user of different software such as SPSS, Primavera, Ms-project, AutoCAD and office software that I think it is a positive point for a graduate student. Recommendations from the best professors in my major and my manager in Iran also can help you to evaluate my ability.

My special interest is in Supply Chain Management and Logistics and E-Business models, Finding common interests Professor ... field of researches, I decided to apply to The University of .... I am also interested in Project Management, Operation Management and Marketing.

During my education at ... and ..., I took related jobs in different companies and I gained lots of experiences, besides their technical benefits, such as managing several affairs and teamwork.

In my different experiences as the expert, head or coordinator of groups whether academic, professional or charity, my co-workers always respected my fairness and attention to the different aspects of the problems or situations without prejudice toward people or ideas, also, I am able to handle and manage several works together at one time that makes me eligible for my high responsibility in my current job as the youngest head in ... Co. That I could achieve this position because of my hard work, talent and knowledge in related areas.

My intention for applying to PhD Program at The University of ..., Department of Textile and Apparel Management is due to its honorable faculty, high quality of study, and strong research facilities. Also, during my researches on Supply Chain management and E-business for my M.Sc thesis I found out your university as one of the pioneers in these areas and now I'm sure that it really matches my desired field of research

As my past experience shows, I believe that my practical experience and theoretical background knowledge make me a qualified candidate for the Ph.D. program in The University... And I hope these educational studying will help me be more influential in this industry. I also hope after studying I can solve part of problems of textile or other industries in my country or other countries that are related to lake of good management and coordination.
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Jan 8, 2011   #2
Regarding language, I am not qualified to evaluate.

You have many things that would make your application competitive, but I think you needn't to praise yourself a lot. Just mention the story and your intelligence, capabilities, and strengths can be inferred. Of course, some positive points needed to be verified but I think general positive points as intelligence and hard working are better to be inferred not mentioned frankly. Your recommenders will mention it for sure.

Regarding your scores, scores are a separate part of application, and if your scores are competitive, it will be considered. In my own statement, I will not mention my scores except if there is an exceptional story about them. Consider the same comment on courses, they will see your courses in your transcripts, just mention the courses that have a special "story".

This is my own opinion and I am not an expert.
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Jan 8, 2011   #3
thanks a lot for your helpful ideas, I will consider them in my final essay

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