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Throughout my life, I've been reminded recurrently how creative and inventive I am - Graphic Design

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Dec 16, 2014   #1

I need your valuable suggestions on this?



Statement of Purpose

Throughout my life, I've been always reminded recurrently how creative and inventive I am. Since childhood, my perception of the world has been more or less inclined towards the aesthetic essence of the things around me. I still remember when I was small, watching different advertisements, posters, logos and other means of visual communication always captivated my attention at a prime level. The discrete color schemes and patterns used in the designs used to fascinate me a lot. Working my way up from scribbling doodles in primary school to practicing advance painting and drawing techniques in high school, I have maintained a strong interest in fine arts as well. Fabricating a career in a creative field was all that I craved for. Circumstantially, I ended up choosing engineering at the post-secondary level.

I chose Computer Science as my majors to stay associated with graphic design and development. The 'Computer Graphics' and 'Multimedia Technology' courses in my curriculum initially helped me in becoming acquaintance with digital designing. I was so riveted by the newly introduced designing tools that I kept working on them even in my leisure time. Anxiety lead me to learn more about their functionality as well as their boundless designing techniques used to divulge messages. As I became confident in operating them, I began searching for prospective opportunities to gain insight into graphic designing. My experience in this field embarked when I got the chance to work with International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) as a team member in the brand management and marketing department. My work incorporated blending myriad of typography, visual designing and page layout techniques. Further, I developed a 'Leave Management System' for Comptel Communications as my pre-final year project and also got a chance to design the user interface for Dreamland Publications's quiz application for mobile. As I was initially relatively unaware about the science behind designing, I found the content quite challenging, but as I progressed, I found myself building the required skill set.

Over the last few months, I had the opportunity to pursue internships at different start-ups as well as mid-sized companies where I had played important roles and contributed in adding value to the company. Thath.in offered me to make promotional posters for marketing and at You Only Read Once, I designed graphics to be published along with the articles to support them. CrazyHeads, my current employer, has given me the grounds to explore graphic designing by giving me the occasion to make posters and design logos for different clients. My experiences has assisted me in developing component time management skills, creative thought process, acute problem-solving ability and most of all creating meaning out of the end product.

Despite having the ability to design, I have noticed that work of a designer faces some hindrance. Good designing skills alone are not sufficient for achieving the coveted result. A designer's objective is not only to focus on the aesthetic nature, but also use variety of methods to efficiently solve the problem and trigger the viewer's psyche to take an action. It is very important that the designer is able to comprehend the client's needs appropriately and work towards accomplishing it. With good designs and extensive planning, it is possible to produce high quality work while meeting and even exceeding client's requirements.

Through the graduate program offered by the York University, I look forward to inculcate myself with brand new ideas and study all other facets of design that I have not been able to explore in my professional competence. It will allow me to acquire and further the necessary skills, along with providing me the platform to research the vast extent of designing. I am positive that I will fulfill my responsibilities towards the society and the environment as a designer while eventually devolving my experiences and knowledge to better shape the future.
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Dec 16, 2014   #2
The essay works well as a statement of purpose in the sense that it answers 3 of the 4 main questions. So far you have given us your purpose, goals, experience related training in the field of Graphic Design. What I feel your essay is currently lacking, is the ability to portray the way that the university can help you achieve these goals. You speak in general terms of these. You need to be specific by mentioning any masters programs / training avenues/internship programs that the university offers in this field which you plan to take advantage of and why. Describe the study path the university offers you which translates to the best possible masters degree course syllabus for you at the moment.
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Dec 16, 2014   #3
Alright. Thank you so much. I'll start working on that.

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