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"turn mirrors into windows" - First attempt SOP for Masters in Automation

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May 28, 2014   #1
This is maximum what I can do please help me out for making best SOP

Thanks in advances


At the age of 15, I saw Turk for the first time on television. I was amazed and surprised to watch Turk, an automated machine developed in late 18th century play chess against a human. This was when the human race visualized the use of automation in everyday life. Automation is not a single step of development; its story begins when quantum mechanics emerged and computers were invented in 20th century, thus paving steps for the evolution of robots that began in the 21st century. Knowingly or unknowingly we have all been a part of evolution of robots and in the next few decades we will achieve more amazing feats in the field's robotics. It's just like giving human quality for non living things that developed my interest and motivated me to opt my career in field of Mechatronics.

My desire raised me every time, qualifying "All India Engineering Entrance Examination" and acquiring admission in N.K.Orchid College of Engineering and Technology that ranks 36th in list of private colleges of India. Scoring highest marks in MHT-CET entrance exam for Bachelor's admission in college was responsible to have "Free Education Scheme" throughout my under graduation. Due to friendly and intellectual connections with professors, I was able to attain maximum knowledge and implement it practically by participating in energy contraption competitions. I started participating in events right from the first year of engineering, where I got my first chance to utilize my vast theoretical knowledge. My interest in the field of Automation and Robotics got enhanced in these contraption competitions, where I could use both my knowledge of mechanics and electronics.

My interest didn't end here; I decided to work on a project called "Semi-Autonomous Underwater Vehicle" under the guidance of Prof. S.S.Metan, who has earned his Master's in Mechatronics from Germany. We wanted to make a submarine that worked on buoyancy force. To do this, we had to use concepts from Fluids Mechanics. The initial stage of our project was to design and develop the submarine. We used two pumps, two batteries and two pipes with a few connections to create a static diving system with the use of external attached pressure ballast tank that was quite an effective method for making a submarine. After successful accomplishment of this task, we decided to combine mechanics and electronics our study of Mechatronics. This was quite a brainstorming project but due to good guidance, hard work and most importantly our interest, the project was quite successful and magnified our knowledge during my undergraduate years.

During my undergraduate studies, I was able to learn Mechatronics, Automatic Control Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Theory of Machine, Machine Design, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and much more, which helped me to understand basic principles of Automations. My interest towards academics was so strong because of which I was able to qualify GATE-2013 entrance exam conducted by IIT's for Master's in India. Looking towards my profile and interest towards automation, I was garneted by admission in one of the top most autonomous college in Maharashtra in field of CAD-CAM. But to reach on top it is necessary to have big dreams and this can happen when I do my Master's in one of the well known university in world.

I was well aware of industrial experience during my under graduation, that's the reasons why I did industrial training in Thirumala Preci- Parts Pvt. Ltd, while having my training I felt the strong necessity of Automation in company. I had a chance to suggest use of automation for carrying load at desire location from control room. Then after my Bachelor's I worked in Flowell Pump Industries as a Production Engineer for six months. My role was to plan and coordinate various processes in organization and enhance the production of industry. At this place I had gone through installation and assembly of submersible pumps that thrilled me. Then I switched to Balaji Accu-Preci Parts Pvt. Ltd, which is a machine shop. This company machines the defense and orthopedics products with the use of CNC's & VMC's; here my work is to develop and plan process sheets with the use of Auto-CAD. With this, I have a chance to work on programming of CNC and VMC for development purpose, which I think is fascinating, as it is a strong base of automation in industries.
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May 29, 2014   #2
I think it's very good! Between you explaining your background and goals, I don't think there's anything you need to add or take away.

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