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The unique way designers think; SOP - Design

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Aug 12, 2008   #1
What intrigues me is how long it takes us to appreciated the importance of design in our community and everyday life. After realizing its significance to the world I started looking towards posters, packages, and even medical supplies with a different eye, wishing to learn from it.

While in school, I started to recognize the value of design and learned a lot from an environment where I worked with my colleagues and accepted their different solutions. Because one problem can have infinite solutions, I learned that the intention of a graphic designer is to be the best problem solver I can be. Working as yearbook editor my responsibility and organizational skills grew. While in college, I developed and enhanced my ability and vocabulary in design. Furthermore, I participated in internship programs where I gained knowledge on developing my ideas and creating an adequate solution within a small period of time. These programs made me build a stronger vocabulary in design and have a larger visual library of existing designers in my community.

The unique way designers think is what motivated me to pursue a career in graphic design. As the creator we have creativity freedom but at the same time we have to follow the principals of design and organize the elements of a message to portrait it with a purpose. I aspire to be a creative graphic designer that looks beyond the obvious to create inspiring graphics that add value to other designers and contribute positively to the growth of the community. And who knows, maybe in the future own an agency.

With a graduate program I am looking forward on gaining experience in life and design.Within Pratt Institute I can learn from the best professionals in a city with rich cultural diversity. I believe it would help me develop my skills and design language, thus improving my knowledge and intellectual practice as a graphic designer. To have an opportunity to study in such a recommended school as Pratt would help me pursue my career goals.

During my undergraduate studies I decided to use as an inspiration for my final project the cultural trend of toy art. Thus, creating a new collection of toys with the theme of Brazil I created an identity system, store layout, advertisements, and prototypes of the toys and drawings. For my graduate study I am unsure of what to do; I have come up with some ideas but am not passionate with any of them yet. I plan on having a definite theme by the beginning of the term.

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