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Is university education an universal right? It is not a standard route for our knowledge, profession

chini106 1 / -  
Feb 16, 2016   #1
It is sometimes argued that too many students go to university, while others claim that an university education should be an universal right. Discuss both sides of the argument and give your own opinion.

People have different views about university education. While some ague that university is an important step in our lives, other people believe that we do not need to go to university to have a job that we want.

On the one hand, there is a long-lasting thought that going to university is the only way to be successful. As a result, high school students, who still do not know exactly what they want or what they can do, choose university as a guarantee for their life. Practically, a prerequisite condition in recruitment especially in some specialist areas such as IT, engineering, scientist, doctor and so on is an university degree. The higher our education level is, the easier it is to get a high-salary job. In addition, it is true that in developed countries, the numbers of people who go to university are higher than those in developing and underdeveloped countries. Governments invest in university education to create a large well-educated workforce who have big roles in national innovations in technology, medicine, science, economics and education.

On the other hand, there are many people who do a job that is unrelated with their major at university. Instead of spending four years or more in university to learn theory lessons which will be useless in real life, people should take the time to have some real work experiences. Moreover, there are many jobs that prefer artistic talents. For example, singer, actors, dancers and painters are some of these jobs which do not require a universuty degree. Understanding the abilities of ourselves is the key to make a right career path.

To sum up, everybody's abilities are different. I believe that university is not a standard route for our knowledge and profession. We just need to choose university if we think that it will help us to do what we want and be good at in the future. What we actually aim for is our own happiness.

Crystal812 23 / 55 11  
Feb 18, 2016   #2
Hi, Chini.

Great passage.

However there are several spelling mistakes. It also happens to me when I feel nervous. So I recommend you pay attention to it.

I am not sure whether you can use "high" to describe "number". As far as I am concerned, we use "a large number" often. Maybe it's better to say "the number of people who go to university is larger than ..................."

Best wishes!

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