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In upcoming decades we will face an energy crisis; SOP-MS in renewable energy

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Mar 19, 2013   #1
Statement of Purpose

In the following statement of my objectives, I have highlighted the reasons that have prompted me to pursue graduate studies at Northeastern University. In doing so, I have briefly summed up my motivation for graduate study, academic background, fields of interest and research experience.

I grew up seeing my father establishing his business from a nascent stage to one of the leading automobile part manufacturers. I watched him strive to make their products technologically sound and with an excellent quality.

On further thought, I realize that the single most factors that affects development of a country is technology. My innate strengths have always been creative abilities and the power of imagination. Pursuing engineering allowed me to channel them in the best possible way. Having grown up in a mechanical environment choosing mechanical came naturally.

I have made a sincere effort to achieve a solid foundation in Mechanical Engineering balancing both intellectual and practical experiences. Comprehensive curriculum and quality and the extent of the courses coupled with a stimulating research and experiment oriented environment enabled me to acquire a strong theoretical footing and also stoked my interest in application-oriented studies. My undergraduate years in VIT most definitely contribute to my shaping into an individual with a compounded attitude for excellence. During I also acquired practical experiences as an intern in summer breaks at Cutting tool industry which exposed me to real world engineering which is the main interface for bringing out the concepts into application.

One of the Practical experience gained and highlight of my academic career is I was member of BAJA Team for SAE Baja Asia 2011 from my University. I was in charge of the Brakes department. This enabled me to work in a team of dedicated minds. I gained a lot from this association - in particular, an idea of how to implement theoretical concepts practically. This eventually helped me to enhance my skills such as Designing, planning and management, Communication skills and team work. There were days where I had to spend more than twelve hours a day at workshop, reading manuals and troubleshooting parts. The extent of the practical experience I gained through this project was well above par with that what we can obtain through textbooks. All these efforts led us to win the prestigious Best Engineering Design award

I honestly believe that the upcoming decades will face an energy crisis. There has been an enormous increase in the global demand for energy in recent years as a result of industrial development and population growth Supply of energy is, therefore, far less than the actual demand. The urges to accept challenges and to conclude it with a desire to benefit the humankind, I decided to confront the challenges in energy which plays the crucial role in our lives. Course like Renewable Energy Sources in my 4th semester introduced me to the aspects Renewable Energy conservation and conversion. The lectures were the first rudimentary building block for my interest and enthusiasm in this field. This inculcated my interest in perusing through Tech. Magazines like "Renewable Energy World" and "Large Scale Solar World", and the Internet in my leisure gave me a much better understanding of the Non conventional sources of energy and their effective extraction.

This Enthusiasm further propelled me to choose the projects of similar interests. My First Hardware project was "Electricity Generation from Crowd Farm". A conceptual design that seeks to milk the mechanical feet movement of hundreds or thousands of assembled people to produce electrical power. This concept was demonstrated by a prototype glowing LED's which guides the correct path in subway. It took 3 months of perseverance and hard work to complete the project and elation when the judges verified by stepping on the floor and glowing the Lights was like a dream come true because it was the first project of my under graduation .

Based on similar interests I undertook my final year project The Design and fabrication of Briquette making Machine". The sole purpose of this project was to make an efficient and affordable Machine which produces Briquettes (pellets) by using the dry bio-waste generated in farms. This method of generating energy using locally grown crops and residues takes rural communities one step closer to becoming entirely self-sufficient when it comes to energy. The project gave me an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and explore the field pervasively This project enkindled me to know variety in biomasses and their calorific. What possible mixtures of biomasses will yield better calorific value and less ash content, by identifying their availability in seasons and their patterns of generation in rural areas. Practically I learned to make machine maintainable -maintenance free, by considering the machine design aspects, manufacturability and ergonomics inculcated by exhaustive curriculum.

Through both of these projects, I gained first-hand experience with computationally intensive problems. Although each of my projects was a unique experience, they were all essential parts of my education. The small victories (and the unplanned hiccoughs) were invaluable in teaching me how to plan and persevere.

After finishing my graduation, I decided to acquire the experience in the field of Non -Conventional energy resources. I joined the Sanjay Technoplasts Pvt. Ltd. as a Research Assistant in Non Conventional Energy Engineering Research and Development .During my work I associated myself to a Research team and played a vital role in developing few products such as Biomass stove Eco Chula a novel product, Eco-Cooker,Pellet Making Machine and also assumed a beneficial role in Marketing, by implementing innovative methods for the products developed.

Whiling working as Research Assistant facilitated me to explore and learn the new avenues like Energy consumption and distribution in rural areas, Difficulties in supplying sufficient energy and the possible ways to generate the power sources within the limitations. By reckoning these concepts and facts the working milieu instilled me to implement simple but innovative ideas by deliberating the Cost considerations making user friendly and marketable products to extract the Non conventional energy resources. My outstanding contribution and hard work made me an indispensable member of research Team and instilled deep confidence in me and motivated me to explore the field more and delve further into research.

I look forward to pursuing graduate studies in Non Conventional sources of energy to deepen my knowledge of the field so that I can innovate and contribute to solving the challenges faced due to an increasing energy crisis in future. As a part of my graduate studies at Northeastern University I hope to pursue dedicated effort towards furthering this goal.

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Mar 21, 2013   #2
I watched him strive to make their products technologically sound and with an excellent quality.
On further thought, I realize that the single most factors that affects development of a country is technology.

-----this would be a little more appropriate:
I watched his company strive to make technologically sound products of exceptional quality. During the course of my knowledge, i have realized that technological development is one of the most significant factors affecting the development of an economy/of a country.

**During I also acquired practical experiences as an intern in summer breaks
During my undergraduate years, I also....
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Mar 21, 2013   #3
thanks a lot. Will Consider it !

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