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How well will the internet of things keep us secure?

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Dec 2, 2014   #1
Change is inevitable and every one of us seems to like change. Technology firms are enjoying the taste of time through huge sales of internet aware devices/gadgets and great applications. The so called internet has rapidly changed the way we live. IDC estimates the installed base of connected devices will reach 212 billion by the end of 2020 .If you think about the number of passwords we use on those social networks, the PINs we provide online for banking against the ever increasing number of internet devices. One has to wonder if they will ever be a gigantic electronic fence that will safeguard people`s privacy and confidential info.

Federation services on most sites however, has resolved this increasing list of passwords through reuse of the same credentials. But think of the complexity of passwords the world is using. Approximately 80% of these are weak passwords and only 20% still stand not be easily cracked.

Throughout my IT career as a Solutions Architect, l worked with great security specialists but none of them seemed to worry about Internet being a Time Bomb.

Change can be expensive but if its for a good concern l guess that's better.There is reasonable doubt that encryption of data/information can protect us. My proposal to the world is why can`t we implement Biometric technology for authentications and authorizations on all systems and deplete the use of passwords. My proposal may seem so vague to some but from a Capitalist standpoint it puts a smile of his/her face. Why? Because money in his/her bank account matters most.

Please respond to my idea before l partake my journey to Protect the world.
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Dec 2, 2014   #2
the PINs we provide ( provided) online for banking

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