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I am willing and able to share mentioned skills and competence with MBA's classmates.

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Feb 19, 2020   #1

how your education and work, and life experience will contribute to your classmates' MBA

Ever since I can remember myself, I have always been a leader among people, who surrounded me. Certainly, at adolescence passing the rigorous selective admissions exams to the top school in Kazakhstan, "School name", leading university in Europe and Kazakhstan had a great impact in my life, since I had many great opportunities there. A vivid instance of it was when I led the Kazakh team consisting of ten people in the international project competition in mathematics, which took place in Seoul, South Korea. Despite the fact that I was loaded with my own projects' work, I successfully oversaw the works of my peers by giving valuable insights and led them throughout the whole trip. In the end, all the team members took top places. Having led dynamic teams at 17, through the project competition, shows the great potential of mine to be a leader.

Furthermore, I graduated from the top university in "Europe's country". By means of it, I had a chance to visit major EU countries and USA, which provided valuable insights on indigenous people's world outlook. In America, I lived more than four months. For the most part, I worked there in the continents' largest waterpark as an emergency attendee, whose main objective was the safety of its guests. This job enlightened me of how the whole management system of such amusement parks work. Additionally, it taught me how to work with clients and meet their expectations. Apart from everything else, since I was working in the solid management structure, I learned tremendous amount of communicative skills by socializing various people from different levels. It is indeed, a crucial experience to be sharing with other people.

Definitely, at my current job, "COMPANY NAME", which is primarily aimed to attract foreign investments from other countries, I am successfully using previously gained skills to further advance in the career ladder. I am learning number of competence that is boosting the overall proficiency. Currently, I work at the position of "Senior Manager". On a daily basis, I am closely interacting with executive members, top managers of various corporations, governmental bodies and other organizations, solving issues of investors related to realizing their investment projects in Kazakhstan. Once, I assisted a local based, Chinese company named "NAME" to attract 120 people of foreign labor force, though they have previously exceeded permitted number of a regional quota available for that particular region. It was vital for them to attract that number of foreigners, since they had to finish their project in the scope of designated time. In order for me to accomplish it, I had to negotiate this issue with state and local authorities on a constant basis for up to three and a half months. Finally, in the end, I could manage to resolve this situation on time and company could realize their project on the given timeframe too.

I am willing and able to share mentioned skills/competence with groupmates.

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Feb 19, 2020   #2
I think you are not addressing the question here, and this is "how your education and work, and life experience will contribute to your classmates MBA".

You are a good leader-explain how this will contribute to your classmates...
You have worked in amuzement parks and learned how the management works-explain how this will contribute to your classmates...
You currently work with various corporations attracting investors-explain how this will contribute to your classmates...
You make the reader extrapolate the things you should be stating in the essay yourself.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,565 2976  
Feb 19, 2020   #3
What is the word maximum requirement for this essay? I believe that the paragraphs will benefit from more explanations. Right now, you are mostly telling the reviewer about your leadership skills without qualifying your claims. By qualifying your claims, you should present obstacles that faced the team, an explanation of what your team participation was, and the final outcome of your participation. Highlight if this is a leadership or teamwork participation. Explain , based on your understanding of the course requirements, why you believe that these attributes will prove to be of vital significance and assistance to your classmates in a group setting.

You will also need to have your presentation edited for grammar and clarity. The presentation is a bit difficult to understand because of the way that the sentences are written and how the paragraphs are structured. So the additional information needs to be added in a manner that will allow you to edit your work simultaneously.
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Feb 21, 2020   #4
Thank you for your valuable feedback. I'll try to rework it somehow and again will send it here. Thanks a lot.

Essay is maximum 500 words length. Thanks for your feedback.

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