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I wish to gain the advance knowledge; MS in Computer Science --- Motivation Letter

UsmanShahzad 1 / -  
Jul 14, 2013   #1
I want to get admission in Master of Computer Science and i have to write a motivation letter to the university. I have written a motivation letter and i need your reviews and suggestion that is it good ? and how can i make it more attractive and inspirational... what are the errors or grammatical mistakes?

Thank you

Motivation Letter

Dear Sir / Madam
I am writing this motivation letter to apply for the N/A program in N/A for the spring intake 2014. By writing this letter, I aimed to explain the reason of my interest in the N/A. I have completed my BS (Hons) Degree in Computer Science from University of Gujrat in 2013. I have a strong academic record with CGPA of 3.12 puts me among the good candidates of my class. It has been my acute desire to get higher education since my high school. This desire played the role of inspirational force behind my achievements. In order to pursue my desire, I decided to do Bs (Hons) in Computer Science from x.y.z which is highly rated as a best university of technology. Being an Honor's student in Computer Science I have learned basic aspects of Computer Science.

My passion for computer science started after finishing my high school studies. Computer Education and Software Industry was in developing phase in Pakistan at that time. After finishing my school I got enrolled in a basic computer leaning program. The duration of that course was 3 months almost. With the passage of time I was getting familiar with the basic computer technology. It was very interesting and I decided to choose the field of Computer Science. I got enrolled in two years program of Intermediate of Computer Science (I.Cs). During my intermediate study program I have learned the fundamentals of Computer Science, Computer Networking and Programming Languages.

When I got enrolled in bachelor's degree the true endeavor started for the field of Computer Science. During my graduation I have got skills and comprehensive knowledge about computer Programing Languages, Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, Data Structure, Network Programming, Robotics and Embedded Systems, Parallel Distributing Systems, Networking and Communication Technologies'. As the time passed my thrust of knowledge increased. I want to learn more and more than in my final year project I wish to work in a technology I have never used before. So with the advice of supervisor I chose Windows Form Application (WF) technology form my final year project.

My program of interest is MS in Computer Science and I wish to gain the advance knowledge of Computer Science in Software Development, Networks and Communication. So that I will be able to conduct research through the facilities available at the University as well as to work with professionals during my academic tenure. I am looking forward to gain massive knowledge and experience. I am applying to acquire several set of advance knowledge and MS degree which will be very helpful to meet my goals and also helpful for my strong career in practical field of Computer Science

I have attached all the required documents for acceptance into the Master's program. Thank you so much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


Fardin 6 / 14  
Jul 16, 2013   #2
in my view it is good .but i prefer to tell about certificates you have.
it can be good way to show off your ability, interest, and desire for learning new things

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