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'working as a demonstrator' statment of purpose to admission master degree in finance

sultan85 1 / -  
Mar 14, 2012   #1
Hi All,
I am applying to the master in finance , The following is my personal statement. Please give me your favorable comment(s) on both in grammar and content. Thanks in advance!.

Demonstrating Finance

I am (may full name) . I was born and raised in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia in 1985. I am a Saudi Arabian applicant interested in studying Finance at (university name) for the master degree starting in fall 2012.

I have been awarded a Bachelor degree of Administrative Science in the field of Financial Management with an excellent grade and the Second Class Honor from (university 1). I graduate in 2010 with a GPA 4.55/5 (3.64/4) and I completed my studies in three years, when it typically takes four years to complete the degree. As rewards for my efforts paid in study, I was named in Dean's List for academic excellence in 2009.

My interest in Finance and generally in business area was initiated by my readings in this field and by my academic background. I am good with math and love working with numbers which is a basic skill to be a successful student in finances. My strengths are strong academic background, good at adapting to any work situation, quick learner, and enthusiasm to learn. I have always enjoyed and been strong in areas that require problem solving, analytical and mathematical skills.

I am working as a demonstrator at (university 1) since I graduate in 2010. I have a full scholarship from (support1) to pursue a masters and doctoral degree in the field of Finance. I am now seeking to get my masters in Finances. After that, I plan on continuing on to get my Doctoral in the same field. Upon graduation, I plan to go back to Saudi Arabia to serve as a professor in (university 1). I hope that by undertaking my master and doctoral degree, I will gain the opportunity to develop and diversify my interest in finance and its fundamental role in a successful society.

I am hopeful that my application will meet your admission standards and that I obtain admission at your university for master degree starting fall 2012.

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