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"the world`s oil and gas industry" Application to MS in Petroleum Engineering Program

Dec 20, 2010   #1
I have visited many attractions in the US, from Stature of Liberty to the Magical Kingdom in Florida`s Disney World, from Golden Gate bridge of California to the thundering fall of Niagara. The amazing, and beautiful land of America is really impressive to me. As you may see, I love traveling, adventure and nature. It is really hard for me to limit my work space in to a small office cube during my whole career. I want to begin a career path which could enable you discover the depth underneath of the world. I am always thinking about which job could satisfy my desire to discover the unknown world. Accidently I found the answer. In the energy hall of the Houston Museum of National Science, I know the general picture of the oil and gas industry. It illustrates the way to locate oil reserve, the drilling bit penetrating rocks, directional drilling, and blow out preventer. I realized that it is just the job I expected, since it requires lot of travel around the world and solving lots of challenging problems. After realizing it, I begin reading textbooks in this field, such as applied drilling engineering, and Principles of Petroleum Geology. I want a broader career development space. And only a degree from top Petroleum Engineering program in the world really helps my career in this oil and gas industry.

TEXAS plays a very important role in the world`s oil and gas industry. The department has been consistently ranked #1 among graduate programs in petroleum engineering and has an outstanding faculty. I fervently believe that I am an excellent candidate for your program because I am a dedicated student who never ceases to explore cutting-edge technologies. I have a strong analytical and problem-solving skill and I am a very good team player. The Chemical Engineering major share lots of knowledge with Petroluem Engineering, eg. of fluid mechanics, electronics, control theory, thermodynamics, mathematics, computer language, static mechanics and chemistry etc I plan to take some courses in LSU in the spring semester to make up my petroleum engineering background. I didmy master research project about desulfurization of diesel under the supervision of Dr Dooley. The result is promising and presented on the symposium of US southwest catalyst and will be presented on North America Catalytic meeting. The achievement of my research proves my problem solving skills and hard working.

My country, China, is one of the nations with the largest oil consumption in the world. With that, there is definitely a need for petroleum engineering professionals to maximize the potential within the country. As a graduate of Chemical Engineering, who has acquired the fundamentals of engineering subjects, studying Petroleum Engineering is definitely a right step towards my proposed career path. It would be the next step in actualizing my goal of becoming a qualified petroleum engineer.

The petroleum engineering degree program I prefer a MSc program, although the financial support is not a must. I can support myself for the whole period of study. I would like to transfer to PhD program after I finish the MSc program.

If you admitted me, you will give an opportunity to a young man who want to devote himself to the energy industry and will solve some problems for the industry. The academic intelligent and hard working plus your department`s alumni and academic reputation will help me success. I am much appreciated and would like to make a donation after my success in career.

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Dec 24, 2010   #2
Write United States instead of US. If you must use the abbreviation, use periods: U.S.

...path which could enable me you to discover the depth underneath of the world.

Spelling: Accidently

Do not capitalize all letters of a word:
TEXAS Texas plays a very ...

Typo: I didmy ...

Verb tense:
If you admitted admit me, you will give an opportunity to ...

Great ending!! I think you wrote this in a very effective way. I hope you are able to accomplish great innovations in the industry!

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