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APA citation (how to cite (in text and on reference page) according to APA guidelines

tguindy 1 / -  
Nov 20, 2011   #1
I am writing a paper and have to refer to a Penn State Tutorial on evidence based nursing practice. I have looked everywhere for an answer on how to cite (in text and on reference page) according to APA guidelines. The tutorial is: libraries.psu.edu/psul/tutorials/ebpt.html

Please help!!!!!
RHK 3 / 6  
Nov 24, 2011   #2
It's simple: in the references section you may write, i.e., "Evidence-based Practice Tutorial", Dr. Schirm, "Date of last update of the site", url.

Maybe you can change the order, i.e.: Dr. Schirm, "Evidence-based Practice Tutorial", ecc. ecc.

If you don't want to put the Dr. name, you can just state "Penn State University Library".
Finally, if the paper is official, you have to follow general directives of the journal.

Good luck!
beli302 - / 1  
Feb 13, 2012   #3
Reference Page Question Citing Study's Apa format

I cannot for the life of me find how to correctly a study in the Reference section.

I did find this, but it says nothing about reference page formatting other than if it's not a published study. I believe it is since I found it linked in an article that I was reading on the subject matter. In paper citing isn't an issue it's the reference page I'm drawing a blank here. Title page:

January 2011

ERGs Come of Age:
The Evolution of Employee
Resource Groups

A study by Mercer's Global Equality, Diversity, and
Inclusion Practice

Funded in part by
Industrial Relations Counselors

Link to actual pdf study

alexupergenious - / 5  
Feb 18, 2012   #4
The author's name comes first while the url is the last. The other details should be between in a specific order
DarthRefik - / 1  
May 10, 2012   #5
How to cite a citation in APA 5 style

Its really nice to have such a forum. I have a question regarding the citation rules; If I want to cite a sentence from an article that is also cited from another article, how should I do it? I mean how to do the bibliography and the in text citation thing? Thanks in advance.
bjgallagher 1 / 4  
May 10, 2012   #6
Basically, the citation rules is that, when you site a sentence from an article and also cited from another article is this way, for example, According to the article"---------" states that, "'------------------------'"(pg. #). first you need to put a quotation mark both side of the article, then when you cite the sentence first quotation mark then aphostraphe like this "'thwrwhroeerihfkd'", then at the end put number of page or name of the author inside parentheses before the perion like this (pg/author).
laxobellavida - / 1  
Aug 20, 2012   #7
APA FORMAT IN TEXT CITATION help. include book number or not?

I have been to a few different sites and i've been given different rules for APA format. i need to do IN TEXT citations (not reference page) for my essay. Do i need to include the page number? also, do i need to italicize or do something to the specific text to show that it is cited? my in text citations are not in the beginning of a sentence, they are included in what i have written. .the phrase in quotations is what needs to be cited. the citations are directly from my psych book,

It all depends on the individual. Someone who may not have had the most stable childhood, accompanied by bad experiences may grow up to be a college scholar and a successful businessman. Not all bad beginnings have a bad ending, and "the potential for change exists throughout life span." Page 18
Bianca 1 / 3  
Aug 22, 2012   #8
You will need to put the author of the Psych book, year of publication and page number all in parenthesis with a period at the end. EX:(Jones, 1998, p. 199). The citing will go after the quotation marks.

However, if you wanted to use the author in the text it would look like this:

Johnson (2010) overstated the case when he asserted that "we seem to be reaching ... for the sky up above" (p. 335).

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