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Jul 23, 2017   #1
I would like somene can check my answer .

proper word choice

She (1)GLANZED At the cellphone to see the time. It was almost 5 pm, the time had flown really quickly. She (2)COULD HAVE more than 3 hours studying, without noticing it. (3)DESPITE feeling slightly tires, she thought she might still stay for a little be more to finish her exam preparation. Suddenly she remembered than Jenny, her best friend, was supposed to(4) COME OVER that evening. She wished she could go out with her and maybe even got o their common friend's birthday party. A quick thought flashed through her mind: " if I(5) HAD STARTED..... getting ready for the exam at least a week earlier I'd be able to go to that party tonigh" and she drew a deep sigh.

1.Glanced- glared- stared- gazed
2.Can have- could have- must have- should have
3.In spite - although - despite- however
4.Come on - come out- come down - come over
5.Started - had started - has started - starts
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Jul 23, 2017   #2
Edith, is the paragraph the wrong section and the choices below your answers? You did not make that very clear in the essay. It seems like you did not really respond to the exercise because the paragraph is wrong and the listing below it contains possible answers. You are being lazy. We do not solve the exercises for you. We only advice you as to how to improve it. We can't check your response if we don't know which is which. I will offer you a one time deal. I will give you the correct responses for now. If you do this again though, if you offer an essay for review without instructions and leaving us to provide you with the correct answers, I will report you to the admin for violation of the forum rules. We do not work on your homework here. You do that and we review it for you.

The correct answers are:
1. Glanced at
2. Must have had
3. Despite feeling slightly tired

Numbers 4 and 5 are correct but you have typographical errors that need to be corrected such as " go TO", and "party TONIGHT". Please be careful with your cut and paste actions, or when you retype the essay into the text box here. Always post the correct and full essay. Don't be sloppy and do the exercise before you come here to ask for advice. We are not a tutorial service. We offer free advice on English writing, editing, and research. Repeat, we are not a tutorial service.
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Jul 24, 2017   #3
You are right , I had typographical errors and I probably didn't check my spelling before to posted, but I would like to to clarify some things. The first one I am not a lazy person , second I did the exercise by myself and my answers are with capital letter . Furthermore I only had one msitake in the letter B.