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Trying to paraphrase it to write introduction paragraphs (IELTS writing practice)

NEW - Your feedback is very welcome ! bold sentence is the questions, so I'm trying to paraphrase it to write introduction paragraph ...

Writing Feedbackjomul01 - 01:09pm

NEW - Hello, this is my exercises of introduction in IELTS writing task 2. Please give me advice weather it is appropriate responses or...

Writing FeedbackHary01 - 01:53pm
Summary Article Children : Leave them Alone

NEW - Alison Gopnik is a developmental psychologist and writer and Paula Flass is social historian. Two of them agree that parent should not...

Writing FeedbackFaridadwi18 - 02:23pm
The Challenge of Starting Introductory Writing, Will You Address Some Suggestions?

NEW - Hello fellow writers, please examined my following writing-practices regarding to an introductory essay for IELTS. Question 1 As global trade increases,...

Writing FeedbackYusuf05 - 02:38pm
summary task2, what is ecotourism ?

NEW - What is ecotourism ? Ecotourism is an environmentally responsible travel to the nature area where gives low impact visitor...

Writing Feedbackrosadesiana - 04:23pm