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Alaa Badawi   
Oct 20, 2018
Scholarship / (Leadership is a skill gained through hard work, experience and dedication)- Chevening [2]

I strive hard to move forward and achieve many of my dreams

My leadership skills were developed over time by getting deeply involved as a group leader in an International robotics competition between Egypt and the US. This occurred during the preparatory school. Our team, in the final analysis, was ranked as one of the top 10 teams among 50 schools participating. I obtained a college degree in the field of architecture and urban design. This provided me the opportunity to enrich my knowledge community development and improving others' lives and provided me intensive involvement in the social services.

My volunteering experience powerfully shaped the major part of my leadership skills. Working with national and an international NGO's has taught me to believe in the individual's transformation and to inspire and empower co-workers. With having more than 10 years in volunteer work, I have examined both leading teams and organizations. The one common truth about them all is that successful work comes from the leader believing in and focusing on members' talents. After being a volunteer for 7 years in "Life Maker's Foundation", one of the developing non-profit organizations, successful and biggest community improving agent in 28 governorates, I was selected to be the project manager of drug awareness Initiative aimed to spread awareness about drug addiction, and protect kids from drugs in Egypt.

The leadership challenges varied from an organizational and on the team level challenges. My key role was to transform those challenges into opportunities through an effective change plan to achieve new goals. On an organizational level, firstly, the project rhythm was shifted from being limited to certain activities and certain types of volunteers to include a wide platform of creative ideas, green mindsets, and practiced values. Secondly, successfully, the project aimed to attract similar initiatives and many organizations to cooperate with us.

We developed and implemented 4 drug awareness campaigns for kids and parents in 4 suburban settlements, 3 youths developing models in Alexandria, and 8 public events with speakers and social leaders. After seeing the impact that this could make, the number of volunteers raised dramatically. The positive results were appreciated by the community, and the feedback from targeted parents and kids was outstanding.

On the team level, we've reached 100 members, strong, qualified teams of mentors and sub-leaders. It was very challenging to manage all different ideas and skills, but lastly, we hit the goals. The greatest honor was to see that the organization adapted my leadership model of the project as a case study. For being a project generates attractive youth models line with community changes with the talented qualified team.

I believe I have had good achievements in my life, but I still have more to give and to learn. I strive hard to move forward and achieve many of my dreams I have yet to fulfill and to enrich my experiences and return with lots of ideas and strategies to improve Egypt.
Alaa Badawi   
Nov 1, 2018
Scholarship / Networking aspects powerfully enhanced my professional and personal life [3]

Hi all, please kindly give me your comments on my Networking essay for Chevening.

Networking Essay - Chevening

2. Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future.

Networking aspects powerfully enhanced my professional and personal life to acquire many goals. The methods of growing my network varied from using social media efficiently and engaging in social activities and occasions. With 3 years of work experience in the field of designing training programs and 10 years in volunteer work, I have learned to communicate with all types of people, build relevant connections, and share knowledge.

The impacts of having a wide national and an international social media network emerged perfectly in multiple situations in my volunteer work. Firstly, while I was collecting donations for deprived families to help them rebuild their houses, the social media platforms was a key element to share and spread the idea. Helped us reach different organizations, public figures, and donors. Secondly, as a member of an international animal rescue team, the social media connections played a key role to expand our network, for gaining more members, donations, and support internationally. Lastly, when I was responsible for managing a refugee women's health care startup, the fastest way to reach many non-profit organizations related to our job was through contacting them on social platforms.

One of the significant benefits from being involved in many events, programs, and internships is the experience of knowing inspiring individuals with remarkable professional achievements. My human network of trainers, training designers, civil work managers, and entrepreneurs was the major supporter for me while I was working in a business services hub. Where part of my job was to create public events for motivational speakers, and public book discussions for new publishers.

On the other hand, recently, these networks magnified my opportunities to establish my own business as a freelance interior designer and helped me reach many clients with many projects in Alexandria.

To be surrounded in the Chevening community with talented people with several cultures, experiences, and knowledge that will significantly improve my personal and professional growth.

By being a Chevening student, my social and professional responsibilities will maximize. As a social youth leader and junior urban designer, my sphere of impacts and change towards my community will multiply. I had the opportunity to be supported and guided by Cheveners, whose impacts of increasing the youth knowledge are impressive.
Alaa Badawi   
Nov 3, 2018
Scholarship / To understand urban design theories to save the remained part of my city's significant identity [3]

UK Universities Essay - Chevening Scholarship

Globalization and modernism, as they lead the world into developed stages, with unconsciousness, and lack change management and cities growth principles, as they rapidly destroy countries. The main driven to study urban design for me was to understand urban design theories and policies as a way of saving the remained part of my city's significant identity. I have participated in several urban design internships aimed to design new urban renewal projects for historical districts and slum areas. The thing that strengthened my passion for community development, urban design policies, and heritage preservation.

I have chosen to study a Master in Global Urban Development and Planning at the University of Manchester. My academic and professional background in social development and urban design studies will support me to perform well during the study of Global Urban Development and Planning.

Studying urban development planning with an international perspective line with my future career goal of working with international leading development sectors in my country. Sharing knowledge with an international Organization like GIZ, UNDP and practicing urban development in projects like UN-HABITAT for a better future in Egypt will be part of my responsibilities. Additionally, this course will enrich my knowledge about global sustainable policies towards climatic change and environmental issues which is part of my country's current concern.

My previous knowledge in urban planning and placemaking guided me to choose the Master degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Birmingham as my second choice. To practice urban planning in such a historical, exciting multi-culture city will significantly improve my knowledge of urban design features and implemented planning projects. This course benefits for my career opportunities will provide the necessary practical knowledge for a competitive position with national and international planning projects and with local and national planning organizations in Egypt.

A research-focused public university in Scotland, University of Dundee is my third choice to study a Master degree in Spatial Planning with Sustainable Urban Design. Due to the university's research-inspired teaching, their strong track record of graduate employability and the experience of practicing urban design in a Scottish city will provide a different practical knowledge about the city features. The thing that will help me during the course is my previous studies in Environmental Planning, Sustainability in urban design, and heritage preservation. The course is applicable to my future career goal of improving my research skills in the field of urban planning and sustainability.

My passion for community development and sustainability impacts are the main motives for me to pursue a Master degree in urban planning. My future career plans are to dedicate my knowledge for improving my country as an urban planner with sustainability knowledge and tools, developing profit and non-profit organizations, and sharing international development theories and policies with several platforms to participate in creating better future for my country.
Alaa Badawi   
Nov 5, 2018
Scholarship / Sustainable policies for country development - Career plan- Chevening Scholarship [2]

my plan is to work as an urban planner

My academic, professional, and social experiences have shaped my profound understanding of social responsibilities, community leadership, and change management. My vision, as a social leader and junior urban designer, is to merge global policies, developing plans, and growth mindsets with my academic, professional life and my social contribution.

After finishing my study, my plan is to work as an urban planner with international planning sectors leading urban planning, development, and heritage preservation in the capital city in Egypt. More specifically, with a curriculum including UK master degree and my previous experiences, I would be an effective planner with management and sustainability background in projects launched by the UNDP in Egypt. Contributing to Egypt Sustainable development plans with the new SDGs, and the broader sustainability agenda will be an effective role in developing my country.

Part of my area of excellence is in teaching and designing learning experiences; therefore, my next step will be teaching. Which is one of the major effective methods to transfer knowledge to younger generations of architects and junior planners. Guiding them towards their dreams to create a better future. That will open more doors to create a platform for learning workshops, activities, conferences, and competitions for younger students. Taking this to a higher level to cooperate with sectors like the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alex, The British Council, Egyptian national and international universities, and the Urban Science Researcher's Network.

In order to become a sustainability researcher with a strong, practiced knowledge I will fulfill part of my country's needs from youth leaders.

Socially, I will start transferring and sharing my knowledge with the non-profit organization that I'm part of in the field of developing slum areas and water access that we currently execute. Move forward to be an active member in the UN habitat programs related to urban development in Egypt. Moreover, after being a Chevening scholar, I will be part of the great network which inspires and guide youth to achieve their dreams and improve their communities. That will be a valuable contribution to improve others' lives.

My long-term goals, Firstly, is to be part of the leading members of the Ministry of Planning in Egypt. Specifically, contributing to setting sustainable policies to develop my country economically, socially, and environmentally. Secondly, be a member of the National Heritage Preservation Unit in Cairo, for saving the significant identity of Egyptian buildings and setting new development plans for listed buildings and historic districts.

My passion for helping others and guiding them to improve their lives led me in every step in my life. One of the strongest steps towards that is by being a Chevening scholar to improve my professional and personal skills to be an effective leader that my country needs. In addition, part of goals is creating a solid network that will benefit the Chevening community and my country to strengthen Chevening global impacts to reach more people.