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Dec 1, 2019
Undergraduate / Most Important activity: volunteering a Zither store/ UBC personal Profile [2]

I have written a draft for the question but is it too undescriptive? Am I explaining its importance well enough? Please give some suggestions.


Tell us more about ONE or TWO activities listed above that are most important to you.

Please explain the role you played and what you learned in the process. You will be asked for a reference who can speak to your response.

(maximum 350 words)

The most important activity for me is my volunteer experience at a Chinese Zither Store. In December of 2019, I was requested by my teacher to start volunteering at her store as a teacher's assistant, which I have committed to attending every Saturday, from 9am to 4pm. There are a number of tasks that I have to go through each day such as teaching students how to play the Chinese Zither, making sure all the instruments are tuned to their correct key, and also recording the attendance and transactions made by the students. From volunteering at the store, I have learned many valuable lessons and skills such as the importance of being on time and to tune instruments efficiently. In the beginning, I broke many strings while tuning, however, my teacher patiently taught me the techniques and tolerate my mistake each time a string was broken. Through many practices and broken strings, I learned to quickly tune the instrument when needed, as well as changing the keys from one to another on different Zithers. Another accomplishment that I am proud of is successfully teaching a young girl to play the zither, while assisting her in achieving high grades on her Grade 4 level CCOM Technique Exam. I taught her the skills she needed to beautifully play her exam songs, as well as teaching her to clap the rhythms. Another skill required by the exam is to sing the tunes without playing the instrument. The student who I taught had difficulties finding the tune in the beginning, however, through encouragement and determination, she is now able to sing the melody of a piece with one glance at the notes. Seeing the students transforming from junior to masters leaves me a sense of fulfillment from my volunteer experience.

Thanks in advance!