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Jun 4, 2021
Writing Feedback / The chart illustrate detailed information about the reasons for students' choice of UK school [3]

Writing task 1 - the pie charts analysis

The pie chart below shows the main reasons why students chose to study at a particular UK university in 1987 and in 2007.

The provided bar charts illustrate detailed information about the reasons for students' choice of UK university over a 20-year period from 1987.

Overall, the highest percentage of students indicated that university course suitability was the most concerning reason in both years. The distance to their parents' house became the second-most important factor when choosing a school after 2 decades.

In 1987, more than a third of students took degree courses into consideration (35%), while that figure for 2007 increased by 2%. Just over 20% was taken up by the number of pupils preferring the condition of the resources in 1987, which then went down to 17% later. That proportion for teaching quality witnessed an increment by 3% to 18% from 1897 to 2007.

Although the percentage of students' interest in extracurriculars accounted for nearly one-fifth of in 1987, it plummeted significantly to merely 6% and was at the least concern during the year of 2007. These statistics for the distance between residence and school, in contrast, rocketed from 10% to 22% and gained the second-highest position.