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Dec 4, 2021
Graduate / LoM - Argument of an engineering student applying for masters in global development policy - EMJMD [2]

Essay Prompt:
Motivation letter of maximum 500 words. The motivation letter should mainly focus on your academic interest in the GLODEP program and what you hope to achieve through studying in the program. Additional relevant information can also be included, and you may refer to your Curriculum Vitae to save space. Please refrain from describing the GLODEP program unless doing so is relevant to your argument.

*Would highly appreciate your kind feedback, especially that I am applying for a masters that is very different from my undergraduate studies, have I presented a compelling argument?

Challenges Transcend Disciplines

Dear sir/madam,

My name is ________, and I am a curious young professional, with a goal to progress my career into the intersection of global development and policy making. I am writing this letter to express my keen interest in pursuing a master's degree through the Global Development Policy (GLODEP) Program.

The lived impact of inequality and its hindrance on the development of nations is something I have realized, first-hand, from an early age. Moving back from Indonesia to my mother's home-country, Jordan, after my father had passed away when I was six years-old, exposed my siblings and I to a life banned from equal access to education, healthcare, opportunities and much more. This is due to gender discriminating laws in the Jordanian constitution, that bar Jordanian women married to foreign men from passing their citizenship to their children.

Ironically, what has made my life harder, has also given it purpose. I became an activist for the rights of women and girls in the Middle East, in which I was recognized as a 2018 Global Changemaker for my activism. As the founder of the first youth-led initiative in Jordan that raises social awareness citizenship laws inequality existing in 25 countries and leading a team of 40 agents of change, I developed my skills of leadership and effective communication and decided to dedicate my career to fighting inequality.

My professional experience in economic development as the lead project coordinator for "Closing the [economic] Gender Gap Accelerator" on a national level has solidified my passion for this field and taught me the importance and framework of policy making and international cooperation. Building on such learnings through GLODEP by gaining a nuanced understanding of development challenges from economic, cultural and historical dimensions will equip me to better address the underlying factors of the inequality challenges I am passionate about.

Furthermore, my undergraduate studies in Industrial Engineering (IE) and the applied foundational economics through my top-ranked graduating thesis have laid a powerful foundation to prepare me for the rigorous GLODEP curriculum. As I developed an analytical, problem-solving mindset that dissects challenges to achieve effective solutions, in which I hope to contribute to my cohort by drawing on an engineering lens for novel perspectives and approaches to analyzing development challenges.

Therefore, what excites me most is the opportunity to widen my global perspective through the diverse insights of scholars and professors from around the world. My aim is to build on my experiences with a solid multidisciplinary academic background through GLODEP. Hence, preparing me to work at the heart of advocacy and policy making in areas of gender inequality, especially in citizenship laws, on an international level by joining organizations such as Equality Now and UNHCR. Through the program's partners, WeWorld, I would be taking the first step to actualize this goal by conducting an internship there.

In conclusion, I am a firm believer that humanity's greatest challenges transcend disciplinary boundaries. Therefore, I am adamant that my interdisciplinary background, passion for my cause, and diverse skillset have paved a clear path to make me a suitable candidate for the GLODEP program.

Thank you dearly for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Dec 6, 2021
Undergraduate / The Best Version of Me - NTU UNDERGRADUATE [4]

Providing the prompt would help assess more accurately. However, I can definitely tell the strong intention you have for applying and that you have a great value system that guides you. However, as mentioned above, I would advise that you capitalize on the tangible and measurable experience you have had that back up the claims you are making of achieving the best version of yourself to ensure a more powerful and compelling argument.