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Nov 28, 2009
Undergraduate / "the difference between everyone" - I need help with it-UC prompt 1 [3]

Describe the world you come from - for example, your family, community or school - and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

From the moment I opened my eyes, I realized the difference between everyone. As a teenager of seventeen-year-old, I have average height and below average weight, just like a normal person among the crowd. But I am not that identical to everyone else, my black hair, black eyes, and yellow skins will easily betray me. If anyone gets to know me, he will find out that no one is even similar to me at least in the town. From time to time, I have to make changes to fit in the environment around me since I am always different. The progress for an upside-down change is not just hard, but sometimes effortless. After so many efforts and obstacles, I manage to solve all problems and realize my unique is a gift.

I was born a Chinese, and given a Chinese name. I was sent to boarding school until the end of eighth grade. I learned a lot from the school, include the common curriculum knowledge, some early tested subjects like English and use of Computer, and the most important class-how to take care of myself. All these knowledge gave me comprehension to the understanding of the world, while such independent environment also distinguished me from the narcissism. In the summer prior to my beginning of high school, I arrived in the United States of America.

After the initial shock of the superficial difference, I realized the people in the world were similar to each other despite the outside. Americans were not the capitalists who have blonde hairs, blue eyes, and enthusiastic about the domination of the world, but rather an union of states, ethics, and ideas. The treasure of America was not just material gain, but also the heritage of classical study. Study of reasoning and perspective was helpful for me to analyze things I was unable to understand at first. I know how to look thing from different point of view based on my experience. I believe my difference will create new diversity and creativity for other students in the campus.

I will bring my unique personality and background to the pool of diversity in your college. My effort and enthusiasm will bring achievements and honors to the school. Also, I was well college prepared. During the four year education of my high school life, I have encountered and solved numerous obstacles. I was also prepared for the college curriculum and styles of class. The college-level class like AP helps me prepare and ready for the college study. I will achieve success in the college.
Nov 28, 2009
Essays / the movie "Doubt" [3]

i watched the movie, the controversy is that you never know the truth
first of all, you have to take a stand, no matter reasonable or not
pro or con for Father Flynn, and left other minds out
develop your idea through example and evidence
the important thing is---don't let your doubt destroy your thesis, stick with it, never say anything against it
Nov 28, 2009
Undergraduate / "how I grow up"-review and specification is need for this essay--UC# [3]

Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are? *

From the sky, the Pacific Ocean seems like my backyard. I am sitting on a typical Boeing 747 which head from China back to United States. It's not my first air travel, but this time is different from any experience I ever had. I am flying back to home without any company, and hopefully will be home alone for the next month. I have to learn the life of an independent adult who is completely out of help in the middle of nowhere.

This summer, my family has been exhausted from my grandmother's sudden downfall. Due to blood clok in her brain vessel caused by heart issue, she suffered from both heart stroke and semi-consciousness. (If you are a medical applicant, please give me specific term for this) The last time phone called, grandma is in the emergency room. Thankfully, she is out of life danger by now but still remain unconsciousness. After one week of care in the hospital, grandma still can't wake up. My parent have to make a decision about me, since I already miss 10 days of school in my senior year-the very edge of college application and my existence in hospital cause more trouble. Both of my parents decide to stay and take care of grandma, and I am sent back to school alone in the following month.

It's a whole new experience to me: go to school, take class, do homework, contact with teacher to make up absence, cook, eat, do laundry, do grocery, driving, etc. These works are some simple tasks and I used to get along with any of them, but when they combine into a real life schedule, I get my real headache. I feel a sudden time shortage and exhaust in body every day. Sometimes, I even have to push my sleeping hours back for some essential works to be done. Free time becomes my very luxury; I have to count every single minute under the ideal time line.

I learned from this exhausting and precious month. It not only let me revalue and consolidate my survival skill, but also remind myself how uneasiness my parents have come through to support this family. I memories the precious of time when it's not abundant any more. Most important of all, I experience my future life style in college, in work, and in life.
Dec 23, 2009
Undergraduate / SMU Supplement - how is SMU good fit for you? [5]

your tone is too personal
if this college is not very selective
you are fine
but more info about the college which attract you is needed
like research center, internship, program, etc
Dec 23, 2009
Undergraduate / MIT short essay--creativity--sumo robot [3]

Tell us about a time you used your creativity. This could be something you made, a project that you led, an idea that you came up with, or pretty much anything else. (*) (200-250 words)

Robotics, an engineering field that is highly complicated and formal. The robots on land usually depict the shapes of vehicles or animals. I, as well, followed this stream of ideas, but end up developed my own unique design of a sumo robot. I designed my robot into something extraordinary--a pirate ship. With the ability to sail in the fierce ocean, the stability of ship is unquestionable. Using aluminum sail in front, the originally propeller of the ship becomes its shield and weapon. The sail protect chips, motors, and wires from attack. Unlike other robots, I designed my robot into a girly dancer, just like the infamous Captain Jack, its dancing around in circles abnormally while stab (push) opponents in the back. I named it Jack for its jerky action and funny look. The rotating movement tricks the sonar of opponent and led to the "to and fro" movement. Then, my Jack can rotate to the back and push opponent out of ring. Later in the sumo robot competition, the Jack lost in the second round. Despite of the potential weakness of pushing force and mass, the design of Jack is genius. Everyone is inspired by such extraordinary design of robot and programmed action setting. Since it's an informal match, no one win or lose. I personally awarded myself and Jack the most creative engineer and most hilarious robot.
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