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Nov 29, 2009
Undergraduate / my determination will help me strive in BU - common application supplement essay [4]

Select three words that best describe you and tell us how you will use these characteristic to contribure fully to the BU community. I need help for some reason i couldnt really get the words out... please be honestt i need help!!!

As I went on to search what three words would describe me best, I turned to the three people that knew me best; my parents, my friends and myself. The final result: Determined, and Open Minded.

While many say "curiosity killed the cat" to me curiosity has led me to become a determined human being. I'm always asking questions and seeking for answers, or just answering other peoples questions; I enjoy it. A typical day for me is someone saying "I can't remember the name of that movie..." and there I go, my mind does crazy trying to find an answer and until I do, I won't feel satisfied. While at times being too determined has led me into trouble, it has given me the strength to work for my goals until I succeed. Like Albert Einstein once said:"I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right".

Determination is what has led me to many of my opportunities in life including being able to travel to places like Italy, Ireland, England and the U.S. Nevertheless through these experiences not only have I been faced with diversity but have challenge myself to learn and accept people different perspectives. I remember chatting with a friend from Singapore and listening to his thoughts on democracy and how they differed from mine. It was very interesting to see the culture clash between us ,yet we could still get along. These life experiences have led me to become a very open minded person. I'm eager to learn about other people's thoughts, ideas and culture especially when they differ from mine. Being open minded is about accepting anything that comes your way, being open to different ideas and change.

My final characteristic is one I chose for myself and it's that I make mistakes. While I can be determined, curious, open minded, understanding, down to earth, etc... I believe one of the most important characteristic that every human being should acknowledge is the fact that we are not perfect. I'm the type of person that won't give up and always tries to succeed because of this many times it has been hard for me to accept failure. Yet through failure I have learned to become even more determined and stronger. Math is my hardest subject and at one point I accepted failing in that class and said that I would never do well. At that point I realized something was wrong and while it still is my hardest subject I realized that by just trying a little harder and spending extra time I can succeed.

When I read again what I previously wrote I was very pleased. I'm confident that my determination will help me strive in my academics, my open "mindness" will broaden my perspective, and my acceptance to overcome my flaws will all help me give back and succeed at Boston University.