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Feb 4, 2010
Undergraduate / Common Application- Favorite Activity (I participated in Green Team) [8]

A few years ago I believed I was environmentally conscious.
The use of past tense has shown that it happened in the past. If time is not an important part of the activity, keep it as short as possible

I recycled kept milk cartons if until I saw the recycle sign printed on the side of the container recycling bin on the way to the trash.

Keep your sentence short so that you could elaborate on more important thing.
Feb 4, 2010
Scholarship / Info about activities - how to answer without making it into an activity list? [3]

Please give us some information about your principal extracurricular, community, and family activities, work experiences, voluntary service, and hobbies, in the order of their interest to you. For each, be sure to include any major accomplishments such as leadership positions, varsity letters, awards, etc.

1.How do I link them so that it won't be like a list of activities? How do I even start?
2.Should I only list down activities that are relavant to my field of study?