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Sep 1, 2011
Writing Feedback / [IELTS]a police force carrying guns will increase the crime rate [4]

I think it is better to change you the bellow sentence :
If police without weapon, it would hard to prevent public when offenders are committing crimes.--> If a police officer do not carry a weapon, it would hard to prevent public when offenders are committing crimes.
Aug 30, 2011
Writing Feedback / TOEFL - Parents (those who pay attention) are the best teachers. Agree or disagree? [3]

Although parents are very sensitive about their children's education, they are not good teacher for them. Nowadays we live in a modern world, where many things are changing very fast such as sciences, human behaviors, and it is very hard to know about these changes. However, we learn a lot from our parents. They are not appropriate teacher.

First and foremost, parents not only do not have enough information about teaching, but also they need someone to help them how grow up their children. Being a good teacher needs a lot of prerequisites that most of parents do not have. For instance, they should have enough free time for spending with children in purpose of teaching or they should know about new ways and tools of education or they should be familiar with new educational materials.

Furthermore, parents do not have enough time to spend with their children. Nowadays we are facing a global economic crises and it is necessary for both parents to work, hence there is not enough time for them to teach their children. When I was a child both my mother and father worked in an office. They usually leaved home early in the morning and came back late in the evening. It was impossible for them to be a good teacher for me.

In addition, if parents want to be a teacher for they children, they usually transfer their positives and negatives behavior to them. They do this without any intention. After period of time, the children learn a lot of negative points from their parents but a professional teacher always aware of not to transfer their bad behavior to children.

In conclusion, parents who pay attention to their children future always should use teacher for their children. They give this change to their children to build up their skills in a good way with people who train for this.
Aug 28, 2011
Writing Feedback / It is sometimes believed that the computer is more a hindrance than a help.Agree? [NEW]

In this last three decade the biggest human invention without any doubt is computers. Although this significant invention make our life easer, sometimes they do not seem to be helpful.

First, I think they are not very user friendly. Computers user interface is designed for expert people not ordinary people. There are lot of different elements on a computer screen that each of them do different task. For example, my father and mother they both alway nagging about how it is difficult to use these devices.

Second, there are a wide variety of computer companies with different tastes. Each of them has their own user interface and instructions. Also each company has various graphics in different version of a program. For instance, if you are familiar with Windows XP switch to Windows Seven, you may think it is different application from different company.

Third, I think computers technologies grow very fast. Each year you see new computer with a lot of new features and advantages. Although these new changes are very exciting for computer geeks and experts, It is very hard and spontaneous for ordinary people. Human nature is alway has a problem with changes and likes to keep current situation because of this many people have problem with these changes.

In summary, because of a wide variety of user interface, different tests, and fast growth many people do not believe they are helpful and useful.
Jul 2, 2011
Writing Feedback / TOEFL - the main point is to be sure if we can pay a loan or not [7]

Having friend is important, but more important than that is you keep and have good relationship with them. Also these days money play an important role in our lives. It is a big problem to borrow money from your friends because I think borrowing money from friends can harm this relationship.

First of all, friendship is a two way road and both side of this relation have some expectations from each other. For example if my friend borrowed me some money, he expected that I would return that money before its deadline and if I did not do that, he would have some bad thoughts about me.

Secondly, Money is vital these days. Maybe your friend that borrowed you that money does not have good financial conditions and he anticipate you to turn back that money as soon as possible.

In spite of this, your friend is the easiest way to borrow money. because they can borrow you money without run boring business processes. Also we have friend to use their helps in this type of situations.

I think the main point is to sure that we can pay of loan or not. And never borrow money from our friends because friendship is more significant than money.