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Nov 16, 2011
Undergraduate / 'Goals help you plan your next step' - long and short term goals [3]

Describe your short and long term goals and how you plan to accomplish them.
Please feel free to be honest and comment. I would love it if anyone can please edit it and recommend me a title for this essay.Thank you so much!

Goals help you plan your next step in life. Whether it is a goal close to the present or a goal in the future they direct you path in life. As a high School student goal setting is very important in order to prepare yourself for college and the real world.

The most important short-term goals for me right now are to get an A in my Honors Physic class and to graduate High School with high honors. My Honors class is the most difficult class I have taken in my High School years and I love it. I enjoy overcoming challenges and this is a challenge that I must and will overcome. I made a promise to myself after my freshman year that I will never get anything lower than a C in any classes and so far I lived up to my promise. In order to accomplish my goal of passing Honors Physics I must study. I must take away time from watching the television and instead study Physics. I must also seek help from my teacher early in the morning before school begins. This will better prepare me for what she has to teach in class that day. Studying for all my classes and seeking help in the morning and afternoon will ensure that I accomplish my short-term goals of passing Honors Physics and graduating High School with high honors.

A long-term goal that I have is to go to Law School. This is the most recent long-term goal that I made and I hope to achieve it. To achieve this goal I must first graduate high school. Then I must get accepted into a college. While in College/University I will try to keep my grades up. I will try my best to attend tutoring sessions. My friends in college told me that these sessions really help and make a difference in classes. I will make the best of these sessions in order to understand and complete my work. I will also have to study very hard instead of partying and going out with friends. The last thing I will do in order to complete my goal is take the LSAT. With good grades and high scores on the LSATS I would be able to achieve my long-term goal of being accepted to a good Law School program.
Nov 17, 2011
Writing Feedback / Daydreamer -- poetry-like [5]

I loved it. I didn't see any mistakes that needed to be made that Susan didn't mention. Keep writing because you are amazing!
Jul 11, 2012
Writing Feedback / Where do communal responsibility and individual responsibility begin and end? [6]

ok this is the first assignment of college and I'm stuck. this is what i have so far. is it ok . i don't think I'm answering the question. b/w this is my first paragraph

In today's society there is a broad line between communal responsibility and individual responsibility. Because we as humans are so busy we tend to forget our brothers and sisters that are struggling to be something in life. We occasionally want to help our neighbors but because of skepticism we are afraid that they might not honestly need the help. So in order to find where communal responsibility begin, one must first find out where individual responsibility and selfishness ends.