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Nov 26, 2013
Writing Feedback / toefl essay, face-to-face communication, seeing the other person eye to eye [2]

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication, such as letters, email or telephone calls. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Although nowadays many people prefer to communicate with other people by dint of email, letter, telephone calls others prefer communicate with people face-to-face. As for me communication with people face-to-face is better. There are several following reasons why I like to converse with people only face to face.

Firstly when you communicate with people by dint of for example the Internet you could not really understand what the person really feel about you. You could not understand her/his feelings because computer is not able to transmit people emotion or behavior. You just sit on your chair front of computer and click on the symbols. You may be not really happy and have some trouble but you can write to your friend that everything is alright. And your friend will believe you. Or you could be really angry on your friend but do not write him about this. Of course the internet and other things for communication give many opportunities. For example if you are far from home and really miss your friends or relatives you can just sit front of your computer and to converse with them. But this converse will never substitute communication face-to-face.

Secondly if you communicate with another people who do not know you in real life you could not really know who it. Look at this you sit on chair front of computer and you have a many time for thinking about your speech. If you do not know something you are able to use the Google and your pen-friend has never known about your cheating. But when you communicate with people in real life you always see who they are. And if people do not know the first thing about something they can never hide this fact.

Thereby I think that to communicate with people face-to-face better than to use other type to communication such as email, letter, and telephone calls. Because when you communicate with other people in real life you are sure that who they are and what they really feel.
Dec 1, 2013
Undergraduate / 'Gifting other people' - Topic C lifetime goals etc etc. [5]

I am not professional in writing but i think you should use some introductory words like "In my opinion", "For example", "In conclusion" and etc) It can make your essay more interesting and deep! But it is only my opinion!

Good luck!)
Dec 1, 2013
Writing Feedback / TOEFL; Hiring experienced worker at higher salary or inxeperienced worker at lower salary? [6]

If you were an employer, which kind of worker would you prefer to hire: an inexperienced worker at lower salary or an experienced worker at higher salary? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Personally if I were employer I prefer hire an experienced worker at higher salary then an inexperienced worker at lower salary. There are several reasons which support opinion.

Firstly to most criteria for hiring employee is an experience because an experienced worker is generally more useful for the company. Experienced workers have more knowledge and it makes them more shrewd, decisive, balanced and flexible in organizing the business. To start a successful company I will have to work out the business plan, develop the strategy for creating profits and look for the potential of the company growth. Can an inexperienced worker help with all this things? Only experienced worker can help me with starting company. For example my father is going to start his own business and when he running the business he would have to build the marketing strategy compete with the rivals and attract new clients. All these are very challenging tasks and I will need experienced employees to cope with them. Apparently, the assistance of energetic thoughtful, adventurous and knowledgeable people will be of great help.

Secondly the competition in business is very tough now. In this fact, that to be successful it should be necessary to build a strong team of colleagues. I will need motivating personnel, able to communicate with people and organize them, encourage the staff to do the right things, set targets and reach them. Can an inexperienced worker to build a strong team? - Of course, no. Only person who have a bid experiences of working with absolutely different people can do this tasks. But without great team business can be apparent. Workers often must deal with problems and find the solutions. There will be many good solutions and opinions and team are not able to choose the right decision. Besides, a good experienced worker can organize them and make right decision.

In the final analysis I definitely prefer to hire an experienced worker than an inexperienced worker because the employee with experience is more useful, has more good skills to build a successful company.