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Apr 9, 2016
Writing Feedback / Although the Internet makes finding an information easy, sometimes it can not be 100% true. [NEW]

Internet and Communication Network Research

Internet is one of the most large networks in the world and awesome invention had know from a mankind. Internet makes us connected with other users in other spot in the world .In addition , it provides us the information which we need. However, it is thought by some people that Internet could be a perfect way to connected while there are other who think that it is not better to looking about data.In my opinion, although Internet has a several lack such as a manipulate information , modern era shows that the technology is one of the best way to connected with the others people.

Firstly,the Internet currently could be consider as the best tochononlgy to keep touch with family and friends.There are many apps in the Internet allow us to connect with the world as Skyp , Facebook and Instagram .For example, my father who travel abroad due to his job, because of the technology thankfully we don't feel about his far. Secondly, the invention of Internet made getting the information easy and fast. For instance,people can book a ticket of traveling through the net , also , it contain a lot of shops such us Amazon and Namshy which allows us to shopping from the home.Further more,we can learn about different places and cultures in the world by Internet without need to traveling.

By contrast, while research about information by Internet shortcut the time but it would be not a good place to getting data.In other words,using the Internet for looking about information is faster and easier than other tools , but although it could be contained mistake information. In 2014, New York Times reported that 75% of Information in Internet sites such as Wikipedia and Blog are not reliable .However, using the technology can be useful to getting knowledge as can be use to study, For example,My friend who has children that she can not get out home always. So, the technology today help her to complete her study through the net without need to getting out the home.

In conclusion,although of the some problem of the correct Information in the network , no one can doubt that Internet is helping us to get abundance data in short time .In my opinion , I think our era nowadays is era of development and speed which there are everyday new events and inventions that the Internet is became as important part of person's life to keep touch with the world.
Apr 30, 2016
Student Talk / Is it necessary to learn English? [38]

English language has become an international language over the world , that it can help us to make communication with other people out of our society . Having the skill of English language make ease to get the information from several sources . Furthermore, a lot of universities and jobs are require having an English language .it is required more than any other language and no doubt that it will be the only language which will spoken in the future.
Apr 30, 2016
Writing Feedback / Genetically modified crops are potentially dangerous. to what extent do you agree? [3]

Hello Spring1986 , your essay not bad but let me tell you some notes.

in the introduction don't start with ( In recent years ) it's same start with ( nowadays ) and this is considered an overstatement ( you can rephrase the sentence and include it with ) .

with regards to put your opinion , it's better to put it just in the introduction because this's an opinion essay while in discussion there you can put your opinion both in introduction and conclusion .

BTW , I'll give you mark ( 7 ) for each :

1- identify the introduction
2- your opinion in introduction.
3-given enough explain with examples .
4- using linking words .
5-coherence and cohesion .

hope you get achieve success...
Apr 30, 2016
Letters / I would like to express my interest in studying at one of the government universities in Malaysia [4]

Dear Sir or Madam :

With this letter, I would like to express my interested in studying at one of the government university in Malaysia.

First of all, my name is Salam, from Syria, born in 1997. I graduated from high school last year and now I'd like to study human medicine in Malaysia. I was planning to do my bachelor's study in my country Syria, but the development of the events of the war, faced me to find my hope in achieve my dream .However, as known the medicine is very expensive to study it in private universities in majority of the places in the world. Furthermore, I can't study in private due to I have 5 siblings younger than me , that if I study in a private then it will be hard to them to complete their study.

I always had an interest and passion for study , and therefore it is not surprising that I have got 100% average in high school last year . I know study medicine not a piece of cake ,but I have strong desire to push ahead and I plan to invest a lot in my education to build my career.

I find an interesting when I study chemistry and biology and I'm very interested in how the organs work in the body. The medicine helped me to find answers for several questions about the fascinating human body. Also, greatest thing in the life is helping someone to get rid of the pain, especially when I saw the people in my country Syria, everyday there is feeling pain. Medicine's profession is greatest holy profession in the exist.

I chose studying in Malaysia, because of it developed study, sophisticated society and superb country. Moreover, it has long experience in teaching that , Malaysia is consider have the best universities in the world , that I believe in say" If you want to be the best ,you have to learn from the best ".

I now require a place that can provide me with the best resources and education tools available. Your universities can rightly provide me those and I hope that I will be given an opportunity to not only study I one of your university but also to become fully absorbed in your planning community.

Finally, " what if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can't afford an education? " .

With regards
Salam Alhilal
Jun 5, 2016
Scholarship / The Day My Dream Became Reality [6]

Hello @huskymom1355
ln addition to previous comments let me tell u something out of English language .
because it scholarship letter , u need to talk about ur extracurricular activities , in scholarship they care about activities as they care about GPA , in this way u will make ur essay longer as well .

hope u find this benefit .
Jun 5, 2016
Writing Feedback / The importance of biodiversity is being more widely recognised - a lot of species come under threat. [NEW]

The importance of biodiversity is being more widely recognised as increasing numbers of species come under threat.
What can be done to maintain biodiversity?

Biodiversity means existence of different diversity of plants and animals on the earth. Due to the development, number of Organisms has become under life threat . Some people argue that if we skip this problem without true act , no doubt that it will happen disorder in the environment which will eventually affect on our life .

Modern development in the last century , result exist many factors which followed to disappearance number of species. For example, remove the forest to build new cities made unsuitable region to such number of plants and animals as crocodiles which were living there . Furthermore, in 2010 , New York times said that using the logging by factories has been the most factor to damage on the environment . Also, factories and vehicles smoking which is the main factors to cause acid raining .

However, we can deal with this problem owing to the factor itself . First, government should make a protected in order to protect the life of animals under threat . Also, it should impose fines to deter people from hunting and logging. Second, build the factories away from the protected and nature areas . In addition, make awareness campaigns against throw the chemicals materials in the seas and ground .

In conclusion, by following the awareness campaigns increasing of global warming and acid rain will decrease that leads to less species threat as well. Each individual should make this problem his responsibility that the changing in the earth is a result of our acts .