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Academic (LOR) Letter of recommendation for MS in Energy Systems Engineering

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Nov 25, 2021   #1

Letter of recommendation

I want to recommend Vivek Singh for admission to your graduate program formally. I have known him as a student for four years during his college. I am a recently retired Emeritus professor at Indus University, Ahmedabad. Previously I had worked with (SAC) ISRO, Ahmedabad as a scientist for 30 years.

During my tenure as a professor at Indus University, I have mentored and taught him a few curriculum subjects like Environmental sciences (Lab), Elements of mechanical engineering, Strength of materials (lab), Automobile Systems (lab and classes), Energy conservation & management. I have found that his fundamental interests lie in computational fluid dynamics modeling, renewable energy, and sustainability.

He worked on several problems like comparing lift and drag forces and their relationship with drag coefficient and lift coefficient at various angles of attack in symmetrical airfoils (NACA 0017). He was also very closely able to predict the stalling condition angle of attack.

In his automobile systems class, he had given a class presentation on Flow bench calibration using a comparative study over tangential and helical intake ports. He had made a parametric study of both valves for pressure drop, fuel flow, mass flow rate, and flow velocity at varying valve lifts. This task was done as the final assignment submission, which he later submitted on his Skill Lync profile portal. He also worked on other problems like studying performance curves on modeled centrifugal pumps and numerical analysis of transient flow in a cylinder. These projects have indicated his extensive knowledge of deep mathematical concepts and a design understanding of theoretical concepts that I have taught him in class. He is adept in using tools and Softwares like MATLAB, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Ansys, CREO.

When I took (ME0709) energy conservation and management, his previous internship at Avee energy enabled him to bring a lot of industry experience and practical knowledge to the class as his interests piqued to study more about battery storage and inverter systems. During my office hours, he would often reach out to me to study Solar airconditioning and refrigeration, which shows he likes to explore topics beyond the course curriculum. I have often motivated him to take several courses on Coursera and Edx for the same. Also, he joined the ISHRAE society - Indus University chapter. He also committed himself to a 1-degree challenge in the university with collaboration with ISHRAE - Ahmedabad Chapter.

In his final year of engineering, I mentored him for his final year project related to coaxial drones. The project would have found significant military and surveillance systems and other space program applications for their excellent robust nature and thrust-to-weight ratios. However, during the pandemic, the world had come to a stop. It had disrupted most of the final year students' project schedules in our university. They could not make the final prototype because of the shipping delays and Covid protocols.

Nevertheless, I was impressed by his determination to carry on the project with limited resources, model the prototype, and perform various simulation tests. His collaborative efforts with his colleague to complete the task well before the timeline and publish a research paper in an international journal were commendable. It also bolsters that he is an excellent team player and a very persistent student, and I have had the honor to mentor and guide him.

I wish him all the luck and would congratulate him as he embarks upon a new journey in life ahead.

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Nov 28, 2021   #2
This letter is very unprofessional. It does not contain the wording and phrasing that a high level college professor, a retired professor Emeritus at that, would be using in writing a recommendation letter. The opening phrase is so insulting, the reviewer will immediately know that this letter was not completed by the professor himself, but was written by the student, who did not know how to focus the letter on the proper areas required of a recommendation.

The recommendation letter cannot only focus on the skills of the student and his ability to perform in class. There needs to be a character reference, an observation regarding his ability towards teamwork, potential to receive and react positively to criticism, among others. This letter, is not going to be helpful to the application. In its current state, this will immediately be seen as a fraud and will get the student banned from any future applications at the university or scholarship program based on faslification of academic documents.
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Dec 8, 2021   #3
I have found the suggestions really helpful.
But I need more help
1. If the opening phrase is changed from "want" to "wish". Would it make a more balanced opening phrase?
2. Also while you mentioned that there is no character observation. I would like to point out that the last paragraph does indicate the struggles and efforts, that I took to overcome during my final year project. If there is some observations that could be added or removed from this please let me know.

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