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Ambition and Persistence. Motivational Letter for MSc in AI & Machine Learning for ERASMUS MUNDUS

ShisuiUzumaki 1 / -  
Aug 8, 2021   #1

the Artificial intelligence altered the world

Computer Science changed our way of living, but Artificial intelligence altered the world itself.
Recently, Artificial Intelligence, which is like a child discipline of Computer Science, has grown
a lot, and Machine Learning, which provides AI its foundation, is developing exponentially.
Nowadays, you can find computer almost everywhere, and everyone is turning towards
automating the difficult tasks through computer. Also, Data Science is developing at an
incredible pace and is in demand around the globe. I have a keen interest in Computer Science.

The engrossment is due to the endless possibilities it proffers and how that would affect human
society's very foundation. Technology these days can give eyes to those who cannot see, provide
ears for those who cannot hear, and much more. I covet to further my knowledge in computer
science and employ that conversance to advance current technology and explore new purports.
The best way to do so is through higher education, experience, and analysis because that would
help me realize my goals and lead me to new feasibilities. The knowledge that I will procure
through researching would guide me and provide me with new ambitions to pursue in my life.
I have done intermediate in Computer Science due to my curiosity in this field and cleared
qualification with the best of my abilities. I enrolled at the University of the Punjab in BS
Software Engineering, on a reserved seat since I could not afford the academic fee. I have a
natural disability Albinism. I got the reserved seat due to my excellent academic result despite
my natural disability and without any accommodations. I picked this field because of my interest
in Computer Science. It makes me curious and compels me to dive deep into it. I am also
interested in Web Development. I have done a project during Web Engineering course and made
a small-scale food order & delivery website with a team. I mostly worked on the back end
because my interest primarily lies in programming rather than UI design, but I like to program in
JavaScript. I worked on a project on Android development, by myself and succeeded. The
project was the development of "Event Reminder App" in Java. By doing these projects, whether
with a team or by myself, I gained different skills and learned a lot such as team work,
collaboration, researching and filtering information, how different components of computer
application works and much more.

Currently, I am working on my final year project-the project centers around NLP. The project
is titled "Literature Assistant Tool". The project involves Named Entity Recognition using
different NLP technologies available in the market such as LSTMs, BERT, etc. My group chose
this project due to many reasons but main reason for me was my interest in Machine Learning.
My part involves generating word embeddings from different scientific articles using BERT and
then training the Bi-LSTM-CRF model for NER and developing the metric results. The primary
purpose is to make a semi-automated model. The model will be trained on manually annotated
Scientific Articles and then will perform annotation on other provided Articles. For doing the
above tasks, I am working on BERT based NER models in Python and researching different
methods to apply current available AI Python libraries. I have made impressive progress so far
and expect to do it before the end of last semester. NLP is secondary to me. I am primarily
interested in acquiring more profound knowledge regarding AI and currently available AI and
ML related technologies.

I am applying to this program due to its alignment with my interests and goals. The field covers
different computer science areas such as development & engineering, AI, ML, etc. Through the
courses of AI, I would achieve a better understanding of AI and its application. Today AI is
almost everywhere, like healthcare, astronomical research, autonomous vehicles, speech
recognition, search engines, and many more. Machine learning course would help me understand
existing algorithms, their application, flaws in them, and give the knowledge required to improve
them or develop new algorithms. Deep learning is advancing quickly, and it has revolutionized-
machine-learning altogether. The development of Convolutional Neural Networks (help in
computer vision), Recurrent Neural Networks (resulted in sequenced based learning), LSTMs,
and other such algorithms and techniques. I would say at this point, the field of Artificial
Intelligence is experiencing a revolution, and I want to contribute to that change, and that is why
I hope to get admission in this program. and, through my knowledge, give the world something
new. "Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."(Bill Bradley).
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,703 4121  
Aug 9, 2021   #2
A motivational letter is just that, a 5 paragraph summary of why you are interested in applying for the scholarship. It should not bea 3 page writing exercise such as this one. It is definitely too long and runs the chance of not being read by the reviewer. He might read one, two, or 3 paragraphs, but he will not read it to the very end. He won't have the time to do so. The result? Your application might be passed on because it was over informative. Keep it short, relevant, and interesting to the reader. This letter does not meet that qualification.

Focus only on the following:
- Pertinent personal and academic data
- Relevant reason/motivation of your application. What you hope to gain by becoming an EM scholar
- A strong conclusion

This essay is mixed up and rambling on. Try to use the info above to gain more focus and control of the content.

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