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Apology letter for being late in submission

Hieuthuan 1 / -  
Apr 23, 2020   #1

I was unable to authenticate my degree and transcript in time

I am applying to a university and they asked me to authenticate my degree and transcript at the consulate, but due to the coronavirus epidemic and the social distancing order, I was unable to do it on time. Thus, I want to write an Apology letter for being late in submission. Because English is not my native language, so can you read it and give me a comment so I can improve it?

I am writing this letter to formally apologize for the late submission of my authenticated degree and transcript which was supposed to be due on Apr.30th, 2020.

I sincerely express my apology for the incurred tardy submission of the authenticated diploma and transcript. I understand that this is a mandatory requirement if I want to apply to your university. I have tried my best to prepare all the required documents fully and according to the requirements of the university. However, I did not anticipate the outbreak of Covid -19 and it affected my plans. I am currently in ..., about 200 km from ....where the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office located. With the current epidemic situation, I was not allowed to go there. I will authenticate my degree and transcript as soon as the social distancing order ends and I am allowed to go to .... I hope this mistake will not affect the university's consideration of my application.

Respectfully yours,
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,531 3447  
Apr 24, 2020   #2
You should be saying that you are currently under lock-down, which totally prevented you from submitting the documents using any form of personal or delivery service. Prior to that statement, you should be explaining why you were not able to submit the document before the lock-down was enacted in your place of residence.

You cannot leave an open ended date for your submission. You have to indicate a time-frame. Do you know of the possible end of lock-down for your area? If so, indicate that in the letter. If not, then ask for their patience and understanding as you are unable to circumvent the lock-down rules at this time.

Do not use the word mistake. Call it an act of God, an act of nature, or force majeure. This was not a mistake but an unexpected delay that was out of your control. It was an unforeseen circumstance that prevented you from fulfilling their expectation within the deadline.
DeZhi 1 / 3  
Apr 24, 2020   #3
I sincerely apologize for late submission of assignment. I was unable to submit in time because I was really feeling unwell. I had high fever. My parents took me to the hospital. I am sincerely sorry for that.

I promise to submit the entire assignment before it is due.

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