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Architectural Engineering to enrich my education and lead to a start of a successful career

Dear Selection Committee,
My name is - , - years old, currently in the 5th and last year of my education as a student on a single-cycle master degree in Structural engineering at -. With this letter I would like to express my strongest desire to study at - after I complete my master's degree in summer 2017.

Ever since my childhood art was constant part of my life and my personality. At secondary school I was interested in mathematics and science, and art. I wanted to have a career that combines them. Subsequently inspired to follow my grandfather footsteps I decided to study Structural Engineering.

During my Structural engineering course I have obtained knowledge on designing different structures like buildings, road and other facilities. I believe this course has acquainted me with range of skills like designing, analyzing computational tools. I have developed them though my projects where I had the opportunity to combine theory with practice.

My desire to expand my architechtural knowlege strengthen after taking "Architecture" course. Although the main purpose of the course was to familiarize structural engineering students with architectural concepts and designs, the course showed me how imagination materialize and how the comprehension in both engineering and architecture would enable me design innovative structures that rise above any predictable style. Furthermore parallel to my studies I have taking art classes and started learning architectural soft wares such as AutoCAD 3D and Sketchup.

I am self challenger and the Architectural Engineering course has the potential to enhance my knowledge while challenging me to excel myself constantly. My main goal is to gain further knowledge in sustainable design. Also I would like to specialize my architectural senses in the area of building performance and advanced building technologies. Apart from my special interest in innovation, I am looking forward gaining knowledge and experience though a multidisciplinary education process.

Moreover, course curriculum encompasses all the necessary disciplines I need to experience and learn as well as giving me the chance to work in groups with people from different backgrounds and cultures and study under the guidance of professors in fields that I truly enjoy and admire

Italy is country known for its architectural and cultural heritage and nowadays as international sustainable architecture podium. During my travels in your country I have had the opportunity to see architectural masterpieces and also experience the food and culture. I would like to explore your country further by living and studying there.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that my academic background, my skills developed during my academic journey would be sufficient in reaching my goal when I attend the Architectural Engineering course to enrich my education and lead to a start of successful career.

Thank you for considering my application. I am so looking forward to enter this program.

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