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'A biomedical scientist researching drug treatments' - MY NIH COVER LETTER

uagwuncha 2 / 5  
Feb 25, 2012   #1
Please provide any edits on grammar, style or tone. Also does this show my desire for this opportunity? Any parts that don't make sense?


Cover Letter: Describe your research interests, career goals, and reasons for applying for training at the NIH; be certain that your cover letter is specific for this particular program.

The NIH is committed to maintaining its stature as a premiere research institution by building an inclusive workforce, fostering an environment that respects the individual, and offering an opportunity for each person to develop his or her full potential in the pursuit and support of science. We welcome trainees of all genders, races, ethnicities, physical abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. If you have unique circumstances, or come from a disadvantaged background, please include this information in your cover letter.

Before I knew what mascara was, I had run several gel electrophoresis and a number of animal dissections. While other children anxiously waited for the release of New Harry Potter books, I was more than pleased with my mom's volumes of pharmacology books ranging from molecular biology to chemistry. From a young age, biology has always intrigued me. As a child, I rejected the typical Barbies and sparkly paraphernalia for any tool which that might help me uncover a cure or unveil a scientific phenomenon.

As I grew older, I opened my realm of curiosities to expand beyond biology and include the study of the human mind. Nonetheless, I found the most effective method in combating life sciences was the pursuit of scholarly inquiries. The past two years in particular have been devoted my most laborious inquisition, to correlate print magazine advertisements to adolescent female body image disturbance. Finding error in the ways of advertisement companies and their unattainable images of beauty seems obvious but trying to display a proven psychological manifestation in those errors is intricate-but its such challenges that I welcome.

While I don't plan to pursue psychology in college, it's the research process that I've fallen in love with. NIH Training speaks to my love of learning and science enrichment while catering to my love of inquiry. I really can't think of a better way to spend my summer than enhancing my research skills and catalyzing my initiation as a medical professional. Eventually I hope to obtain an Md.PhD as biomedical scientist researching drug treatments or even a Doctorate practicing neurosurgery, offering treatments to peoples in remote areas. Coupled with this, I plan to pursue bachelor's degree in Chinese or French with hopes of s living abroad. Yet above all, NIH welcomes the prospect to collaborate with renowned professionals and be in an environment with contemporaries like myself, passionate about research and health.

dreamer 3 / 18  
Feb 26, 2012   #2

I think it shows your research interests rather clearly.
Perhaps when you mention that you don't plan to pursue psychology in college, you could immediately talk about what you are pursuing in the next sentence. It might flow better that way.

Also if you have a specific experience doing a research you really liked, you could add that in too!
Just a suggestion!

...hopes of s living abroad... I think this was a typo?

Good luck! :)

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