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'Born in Sri Lanka' - About Me (essay for an Application Form)

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Aug 6, 2012   #1
About Me

I am Malhardeen, Born on 1993 in Srilanka, I Studied in my village school and after I passed the scholarship exam in grade five, I got an admission in a City school, I continued my Studies there, and I have completed my Advanced Level in Mathematical stream in another school. My Parents are refugees, who effected by civil war in our country, as I raised in refugees society, I know the pain and suffers being as refugee in a society, After I completed my schooling I joined to an College for my higher Studies, and now I am Undergraduate in Srilanka Institute of Information Technology,

I started my volunteering life from Disabled school in our village, and I have volunteered in so many sectors as Marine Conservation, IT Project, Youth Empowerment etc. Moreover I have volunteered as Volunteer Coordinator for three month in Maldives, and I have volunteered as Project Coordinator to an Indian Organization too. Still now I volunteer in the Disability School, and same time, I started an Organization named as "Masha Foundation" to help poor students in vocational and technical education.

I am very friendly and easy going personality, I always like to create friends around the world, and I think contacts are an important asset in our life. I like volunteering as I study. I think the best way to find our self is to lose our self in the service of others. I have volunteered in UN volunteers too.

As I am from Refugees society, Now I am researching about how youth has effected by war, and what solution can empower them and bring them over from problems to world with help of Dr, S. H Hasbullah, Senior Lecturer in University of Peradeniya.
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Aug 8, 2012   #2
Hi Malhardeen,
Glad to meet you in this forum.... I'm too from Sri Lanka :D

I am Malhardeen, Bb orn onin 1993 in a war torn area of Sri L anka during the period in which the country was burning with flames of on going civil war.(make a stop here) , I Studiedbegan my studies in a small school in my village schoolwhich had very limited facilities. However, thanks to the island-wide scholarship examination for the grade five students, that is held by the government in view of supporting meritorious students to aspire their academic dreams, I managed to secure admission to a more reputed college in the city with my outstanding performance at the examination.andafter I passed the scholarship exam in grade five, I got an admission in a City school I continued my Ss tudies successfully and there, and I have completed mythe Advanced Level examination in Mathematical stream in another school . ( talking about the third school seems too descriptive)
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Aug 8, 2012   #3
Thanks alot Duminda, It is a great help you did to me,

Is that everything ok, than that you corrected...
Thanks Again
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Aug 9, 2012   #4
Start a new para with this because there you are going to talk about your hardships and the tough background you grew up...Add a few more sentences to make it more effective in arousing emotions :)

This is my suggestion for the entire para;
I grew up in a refugee camp with my parents because our village did not provide us safe living due to constant attacks aimed at it by the terrorists. As refugees we were surrounded only by the fear, hardships, pain and helplessness. However, for one reason, I do not regret sacrificing my tender years at the refugee camp that took my childish world off from me and deprived me of enjoying a normal childhood. This reason is that this background, in a way helped nurture my personality to be strong. It taught me endurance; sharing and caring; confidence and determination. Therefore, I continued my walk with the hope of reaching my d,ream and ignored all the obstacles that were on my way.

Then talk about your experience in the other para.... :)
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Aug 9, 2012   #5
My Personal mail for duminda
mdeen.se in google mail
Thanks for Mehmood and Thanks Again for Duminda too

Duminda, Your Suggestion for para is really superb!!! Hats off

I always ask some one to write my essays, Now I got confident, I can write because you friends there to correct me,
Please advise me some tips to become a good writer

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