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Cover letter for applying Ph.D. in renewable energy technologies

Whiplash 1 / -  
Nov 14, 2018   #1

my professional growth in the field of renewable energy technologies

Dear XXX

I am writing to express my interest for the Ph.D. opportunity in Renewable Energy Technologies, by the earlier conversation which we had in your office at YYY. Currently, I am a graduated from Petroleum engineering (Beng) with the first honored degree from YYY. Please find the attached CV. I studied a wide range of subjects including the pipeline system required for drilling operation, designing compressor and pumps, as well as fundamental engineering subjects such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, process control, heat transfer, and mass transfer. I have always been fascinated by renewable energy technologies due to the limitless possibilities and the direct influence on the future of humankind by producing emission-free energy as well as the preservation of the environment. so, I believe this opportunity can help me to pursue my ultimate goal to be a specialty in the field of energy via joining to your team.

By the time I graduated, I have already had a full understanding of the dynamic nature of the energy industry, especially toward the growing demand for energy efficiency, environmental and sustainability. Global climate change and ecologic problems that arising from global warming is a result of gradual increment of using fossil energy during the recent centuries. The global warming is the main environmental threat that humankind encountered with, serious impact and irreversible damages to the planet could happen as a result of global warming, but this problem is dissolvable, we need to slow down or even reverse the global warming. It might sound like a revolution, but it is possible and the key to solving this global issue is to shift toward natural and sustainable resources for power generation purposes and reduce the carbon dioxide emission.

This idea inspired me more to direct my field in energy sector and think more about the renewable energy technologies and do research about the carbon capture and storage (CCS) application in order to have a chance to make the process more efficient and environmentally as well as working on Hydrogen production applications as a fuel with highest energy capacity that can be a suitable replacement for fossil fuels. Study for this particular program has a great importance to me because it is an important step in achieving my professional goal: working on renewable energy technologies projects to find other solutions to generate emission-free energy. I hope my previous studies have given me the expertise to think inversely About the finding solutions for contemporary issues in the energy sector.

In summary, I am certainly willing to bring my competencies forward to pursue my professional growth in the field of renewable energy technologies at YYY by aiding the motivation and passion behind its people. With my background in petroleum engineering and my expertise in theory and computational modeling, I am confident I can contribute positively to the effort of the department. I will gladly provide any other supporting material and references upon request. Thank you very much for considering my inquiry and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours

dinidininta 4 / 7 3  
Nov 14, 2018   #2
Hi, if you don't mind me giving feedback, I would like to point out some little grammar mistakes.
1. I graduated from Petroleum engineering .... or I am a graduate from ...

If it is a recent graduation, rather than using 'Currently' try using "I recently graduated from ...."

2. ... problems that arouse from global warming are ...

3. In the third sentence of second paragraph, I think it's better to use some conjunction to make the sentence more coherent. You can try different conjunction from this example, ones that really convey the meaning of your sentence => ... encountered with, because serious impact ... is dissolvable, so we need to ...

4. ... and the key to solve ....

5. "... more efficient and environmentally ...." => 'environmentally' is an adverb, you have to pair the word with an adjective to match with the word 'efficient' which is an adjective

6. "working on Hydrogen ..." => 'working' her should be replaced by 'work' because this sentence is made up from two sentence with the conjunction 'as well as' so the tenses must be the same. The word pair in the first sentence is 'have' therefore it should be followed by 'work'

7. to think inversely about the solutions or to think inversely to find the solutions

I think that's all. Best of luck!
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,598 2499  
Nov 15, 2018   #3
Mohammad, your essay speaks of your strengths in a detailed manner. However, that is not going to be able to help you receive a PhD opportunity as a research associate or aide with the professor whom you spoke to. Mostly because you failed to connect your strengths, interests, and potential for research with the existing research of this professor. How will your research help improve his own research? How will your past experiences be useful to his research or make you an asset to the research team?

You have not presented any stand out information in this essay that could help convince the professor that you would be an interesting or useful addition to his roster of researchers. You may want to rethink the presentation of your essay to go from just enumerating and explaining your strengths to having these traits works in accordance with the requirements of the professor. I am sure that since you spoke to him previously, you have an idea of his requirements for his research assistants. Highlight those factors and make sure to explain it in a manner that directly relates to his own work. That is the best way to impress the professor and also, make your application more relevant to his needs.

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