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'Dear Van' - Informal letter to invite your friend to your home

October 17,20__
Dear Van
How are you ? Im so sorry for not writing for so long . So what are you doing this October ? I have decide to hold a party at home and i'd love it if you come .Iam planing a smal party with our old school friends so you'll know all of the guests. There'll be a lots of food to eat and drink . And i also have some funny games to let make the party more excited.

Have you known the way to my house ? It wont be hard to find it. For sure , i need to give you some directions . I think you know Phu Tho stadium . In there , Go North on Ly Thuong Kiet , then go straight and you'll see a T-Junction . From there turn left on Lu Gia street , pass 2 turnings on the left and take the third on your left and finnaly you will see my house. My address is Lu Gia street.

If you cant come , please reply. It seems ages since we last saw . I really hope you cant make it
Lots of love
Please give your comments and check my faults if it has . Thanks so much ! >"

Oct 24, 2012   #2
Make sure to use appropriate punctuation in your salutations. Insert comma after "Van" and after" Lots of love". Also do some editing to make sure all letter I's are capitalized. You have some small typos like extra spaces around question marks and missing spaces between words. Instead of "Have you known the way to my house?" use "Do you know the way to my house?" Your directions are a little unsure, try to be a bit more precise. Change "Iam planing a smal party..." to "I am planning a small party" Your ending will make more sense if you say, "It seems like ages since we last saw each other. I really hope you can make it."

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