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My dispatch is fine! Unipdu_FT_D A Letter to kiki

Jombang, 04 Nopember 2016


My dispatch is fine!. I too hope your report is sound. Now, my rushing is to do carry out task algoritma and pemrograman. this task really really confiscate my time zone and can't pastime. when this this task done. I promise will visite on your dwelling. I am also very logging you. in my quarter really desolate, far from crowded and play spot. When I visit on your dwelling my sense we can do comfortabling in flower garden or play sport.

Thank you to reading my email.


Inna Waffi

Nov 15, 2016   #2
Inna, your letter is really difficult to understand as you were not able to properly develop your letter. You were using English terms that were not relevant to the topic you were trying to develop in the discussion. For example, when you say "my dispatch is fine", that really means "my letter is fine" Were you talking about a letter or a report? You should think about revising that statement for clarity purposes. Then there is the problem of your word capitalization in the letter. All words that come after a period have their first letter capitalized to indicate a new sentence.

It would be easier if I just show you the corrected form of your letter so that you can get a better idea as to how to write your letter in the future. Here is my take on how you could have written this letter:

I was able to develop my report without a problem. I hope your report is also developing well. Now, I am rushing to finish the class tasks related to algorithma and pemrograman. These tasks are so hard that I do not have any free time and I can't enjoy my favorite past times. I promise you that I will visit you soon. I hope you can visit me as well. I live in a very isolated area. It is so isolated that there are no crowds and we can play comfortably in the flower garden. Perhaps we can play basketball or soccer when you visit? ...

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