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TO MUCH "FAITH" IN THE STATE - Letter to the editor, class assignment

eeaoife 1 / -  
May 24, 2012   #1
We were asked to write a letter to the editor , on whatever topic we would like , I would like to know any possible changes I could make or any flaws I have made , or techniques I could improve on , help would be much appreciated . or especially any of my bad techniques pointed out . Thank you.


SIR- As a person who does not believe in this conception, people label religion. I prefer not to be condescendingly categorised as a certain type of person, I am not an atheist, I am not a non believer or in anyway unfaithful. I simply don't obtain the same views as others do. The way I look at it is, I have my ideas and you have your's, which is what we are both entitled to. Or as an individual you would expect you would be entitled to, as a citizen with the right of free speech.

However I believe my rights along with many others has been significantly restricted. As article 40(6) requires that "the utterance or publication of blasphemous seditious or indecent matter" is an offence. There for as a citizen of Ireland I would be considered a criminal, if I was to voice my opinion and just happen to make a remark , people of a certain religious minority might disagree with.

But yet anyone who is religious can speak out as much as they desire. They can express their bias and insulting feelings on people who do not carry a religious stamp. And they continue to do so everyday , if its preaching on the streets or a simple mass there are people everywhere telling you to worship something , to "save yourself " , to be a better person, that you will be forgiven. Yet if you do not agree with what they are saying you cannot stand up and say NO! But you are forced to hear you are wrong, you are questioned why don't you follow it? Why do you not believe in such a thing? You are forced into thinking you are doing something immoral. Just because you have a different view of something. You are being victimised and told to follow something you don't believe in, trying to be converted, religion is being pushed upon us. And what can you do? ... Yes absolutely nothing. I personally cant believe it this is written in the constitution.

I feel like I'm being forced to be conventional. I cannot justify a reason why religion should be associated with the state and displayed in the constitution in this way . Are people trying to create a population of creationists? I feel it is making society severely conservative and narrow minded. So much that religion is associated with the running of the state, I personally believe it is the reason such legislations like abortion and same sex partnerships have not been allowed. Just another few rights of people being denied! .. yours ect.

JHUDreamer 1 / 3  
May 24, 2012   #2
I think its pretty good, a few misspellings aside.

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