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Me and my family decided to spend vacation in your hotel - we need reservation

I am writing a letter to make a reservation in your hotel my name is Suellen malathion from u k.Me and my family decided to spend vacation in your hotel its a thee days and two night,we will arrive on 3rd July early morning 6am we r four member i will be happy if u will cheque availablyty email me all detail regarding your hotel service

i need to know room rate for this date, we need see view side room if possibly and it will be more happy if its near to beach my children will enjoy to i want to know some more information about food and shops,or if any good package for family it will be great news for me about water park around u because my children is very excited for water game which r famous in your city I want to schedule some activities in this trip.

waiting to hearing soon
best regard

This is the format

Sender's Address

Date or if you want to write at top of the page also accepted.

Receiver's Address


With reference to the above matter , Hereby I would like to ...

Use a professional language / must have style of language when writing your letter. The body of the letter should be to the point. It should specifically state what you need and how you will pay.

Overall you can ask for the quotation. Basically hotel provides quotation for the room. From the quotation, can may book the room.

Thank you for your prompt attention to and I look forward to receiving a letter confirming my reservation.

Yours Sincerely ,

Please view these links :

ezinearticles.com/?Sample-Hotel-Reservation-Letter---What-to-In clude-and-Why&id=1125480
Hi Meena! After every piece of information, end the sentence with a period. That'll make correct grammar and clear organization:
Like this:
I am writing a letter to make a reservation in your hotel. My name is Suellen Malathion, and I am from the UK.

Also, whenever you start a sentence this way, use "XXXX and I..."
My family and I decided to spend vacation in your hotel. It will be for three days and two nights, and we will arrive on July 3rd early in the morning, around 6am. We're a family of four. I will be happy if you will check the availability and email me all details regarding your hotel service.

I need to know the room rate for this date, and we need to see a photograph of the view from the room if possible.

We would prefer a room near beach, because my children will enjoy that. I want to know some more information about food and shops, or if any good package deal is available for families. It will be great news for me if you have a water park somewhere near you, because my children are very excited for water games which are famous in your city. I want to schedule some activities during this trip. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Kind regards,


Okay.. this had a lot of errors, and if you are willing to spend some time typing I think you can learn a lot from this. Do you have time to type every sentence 10 times and speak it aloud 10 times? You can improve your skill if you practice typing these sentences and ask questions if you get confused.

Thanks for participating here!
thanks u very much about your suggestion
actually m very weak in writing a letter or essay.m always getting problem to make in proper sentence when ever m trying to write some thing my mind is always stuck i cannot remember word what i need to include so pl can u suggest how can i improve my writing
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