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'A great future awaits him' - This is a Letter of recommendation from a Math teacher

abdon786 4  
Dec 15, 2016   #1
Letter of Recommendation

I have been teaching Amrish for last 3 years. He has been one of the most impressive and admired students of my Math class. His ability to understand numbers and the approach he takes to solve a problem is really different. He is the one who always want to learn. His questioning ability and the aptitude to go into the depth of the subject is truly inspiring for his friends. I had known Amrish from the first day I entered into his class because of his lively and exuberant behaviour in the class. So, I truly recommend him for admission to your college.

Amrish is not only the well-known student of the class but also of the school premises. He has a good ability to lead and hence never hesitates to come out of the crowd and represent the student group. From leading the class discussions and debates, he had learnt a lot. He had also led the student council, dramatics club and Vedic Math club. He always come up to take the opportunity and is always a step ahead among his peers to help others. He had always tried to grow him beyond his years. He is a critical problem thinker which is transparent in his ideas and the approach he takes towards complex problems.

He is certainly an extra-ordinary child because he is never satiated with what he had learnt in the class rather he wants to explore on everything which steps into his life.

I had been his Math's teacher, class teacher, mentor and foster parent. So I know him very personally. Having him under me was always a pleasure and whenever it was asked in the school to take one child for guidance. He was my first preference. His attitude and respect towards his mates, juniors and teachers is surely praiseworthy.

He is a good humoured, energetic and jovial student. I have seen him explaining concepts to his classmates, his juniors any person who reaches him. I love this quality also he never hesitates to explain the things and he is always the first to raise his hand in the class be it any class but math class for sure. Amrish never fears to take chalk and explain and explain the concepts in the class. His confidence really makes me proud that I have such student to teach. I still remember the moment when he came to me and asked that sir I will be enacting you on teachers' Day. And when I was asked to judge his style and the way of teaching. It was marvellous and clear.

He is a creative out of the box thinker and always ready to seek me for extra things in each topic. He is very ambitious and want to touch the heights of success. I am sure that his determination, smart learning and diligence will fetch everything he dreams of. I wish him all the success in his undergrad studies and recommend highly for admissions to your esteemed college. A great future awaits him and the best support given to him can bring out the best in him but that is only possible when he has a helping hand, which can be provided by you.

mualla 28  
Dec 15, 2016   #2

I understand that Amrish is a wonderful kid, but I believe this letter would definitely benefit from specifics. Admission officers understand that students are "hardworking, intelligent, nice..." but they need evidence for these qualities. What makes a letter of recommendation "amazing" is when teachers describe the student by using examples in class, outside of class and specifics examples the teacher saw. For instance, let's say student A is a very persistent student. You can say something like, "Student A is a persistent student. Once I assigned a group project called Project ABC and, unlike the other students, Student A shocked me with his project. His project was different than others because...." I am just giving you an idea here but the point is talk about details; assignments, projects, homeworks or class discussions. If you can provide specific projects and their names, what you say about Student A becomes much more clear and accurate to the reader because you are basing your claims on evidence. This letter is really good. I just think it would become better if you can add to it a little bit more. Hope I was clear enough.

Good luck!
Holt [Contributor] 1503  
Dec 16, 2016   #3
Amrish, the first problem with your letter of recommendation is that you do not allow the Math teacher to introduce himself to the reader. The teacher must indicate his full name, position, and length of time as your teacher. Another thing, you cannot have the teacher claim to be your foster parent. In any school recommendation, it must come from what is known as a "disinterested third party" who can speak about your character and abilities without bias for you. That means, they should not have a personal interest in your success. That is why parents are not allowed to recommend their children for admission to college. The same applies to foster parents. Remove that reference in the essay. It will be detrimental to your application.

Next, you need to cut down the length of your letter to only 3-4 paragraphs. This is just a letter of recommendation, which is similar to a cover letter in length. It should not run too long because this letter should only identify what the teacher believes to be your strong points as a student. So he should speak with the voice of an academician and not be too over involved with your development as a student, which is what is being currently portrayed in this letter. Just choose the top 2 traits that you wish to highlight about yourself in the essay and present it. Close the letter as soon as you can because the reviewer doesn't have the time to read such a long character reference letter. Keep it informative but short.
Dec 29, 2016   #4
Good letter, but some changes

He is the one who always wanted to learn.

... and Vedic Math club. He has always come up to take this opportunity and is always a step ahead among his peers to help others. He had always tried ...

He is certainly an extraordinary child because ...

He is a humorous , energetic and jovial student.

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