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Growing at rural area - Motivational Letter for Erasmus Mundus STEPS

hansryanp 1 / -  
Dec 27, 2021   #1

Motivational Letter

Maximum words : 250

Having experience to grow at rural area in Indonesia with no utility infrastructure I was always highly determined to come up with a solution. At the time diesel generator set was utilized to provide electricity at my home which costed a lot. According to federal utility company on RUPTL PLN 2021-2030, diesel power generation consume 2.16 million kilolitres of 3.90 million kilolitres imported diesel in 2019. However, Indonesia has a huge potential renewable energy source that can be utilized on rural area and saves big amount of money.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree STEPS perfectly fits my background and future vision because It has specific course such as Smart grids and Microgrids, also Distributed Generation and Alternative Energy. Moreover, the final semester of this program will benefit me as I can have interesting and valuable experience on professional work, also It will bring great cultural experience. As in the future, I plan to work in electrical power industry in Europe and get much valuable knowledge. This will bring me one step closer to my future goal to start a company which can tackle electrical power problems on rural area in Indonesia.

I consider myself an adaptive, preserving and go-getter person. Throughout my education I have experienced many exposures and succeeded becoming the best student of electrical power engineering at ITB in 2021. Furthermore, I have been a member of PADRG research group with weekly electrical journal review and some research topic which expanded my knowledge about research.
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Dec 28, 2021   #2
You have summarized the motivation to the point of being uniformative. Yes, there is a maximum word count to the letter. Yes, it needs to be concise, but nobody said that you should skim over the important factors of the discussion such as:

- The relevance of your undergraduate program to the masters course
- Your professional experiences that have prepared you to undertake these intricate studies
- The relevance of these studies to your future plans for the electrification of your country's rural areas. What is the thesis you plan to research?

- Why you believe you should return to studies now and more importantly, why in Hungary? What electrification breakthroughs in the country have inspired your decision to study there? What benefit does the program serve you in terms of skills and theoretical development?

This current essay is, like I said, too simple in discussion and information presentation. The relevant information was totally skipped for some reason. You must learn how to compress the necessary information in related sentences in cohesive paragraphs. Otherwise, the reviewer will not learn anything about your motivation and its basis.

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