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An infrastructure leader. Motivation letter Erasmus Mundus - BIM

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Jan 23, 2021   #1
Hi you all, this is my proposal for a motivation letter for the BIM A+ master-s course, hope you can find it interesting and well structured.

letter of motivation

Legislation and contract processes for infrastructure projects increasingly require knowledge of technological tools by civil engineers. The use of BIM in new construction contracts is becoming a necessity, and I want to be part of that team of professionals in my country that leads the paradigm shift in how projects are designed and executed today. The integration of several civil engineering specialties, the collaborative work, and the quick decision-making processes make the BIM the perfect tool to start the design operations in the near future. Colombia is of course aiming at having as a contractual requirement the use of BIM for projects and I enforce myself to acquire the necessary knowledge to lead the projects with the use of this tool at the design coordination level for transportation infrastructure projects.

Through all my work experience in highway infrastructure including projects as a designer of national highways, using basic 3D levels software (Civil3D, OpenRoads, Istram) I have been able to realize how many things we are failing in my country especially in resources management. One of my interests would be focusing on implementing BIM strategies to ensure correct quantification of items for a more accurate estimate of project costs, thanks to the 5D and 6D BIM offers for modeling the whole construction and operation process from several developments. Thus, ensure a fixed budget that does not allow for overspending and can distribute the money to many more needy jobs in poor regions of the country. Up to these levels I consider this powerful tool: to put limits on the excess of public money spent. I also like project management and consider that both specialties complement each other to achieve better use of resources over the years in transport initiatives.

Not only in the monitoring of activities and resources but also in the optimization of different elements involved in the development of projects. Another area of interest I have is the automation of construction machinery through the feeding of design data. This would also allow better precision for construction, adequate control of the progress of activities, and the best way to ensure optimum quality in the final product. For my previous master's degree, I focused on the development of information supply for autonomous technologies, speed profiles for autonomous vehicles on existing roads. From here comes the idea of also applying autonomy to construction works.

I have the technical skills thanks to my professional background, and the research ideas to make the maximum benefit of the courses offered in the entire master's program. On the other hand, multiculturalism is another motivation for me to keep studying abroad, which now I understand how valuable is to see firsthand worldwide opinions and experiences. Being a voluntary mentor gave me this idea and I do not want to abandon the experience yet, still feeling there is too much to learn from people. Nowadays, globalization is essential for those who want to be leaders in their countries and networking is necessary for the consecution of that. If I could attend your master's program those doors would be still open for me and mix perfectly.

An infrastructure leader must be harmonious with his or her team, the different specialties, and the correct decisions in the critical routes of the projects. The BIM A+ master's degree is part of my professional path to achieve that desired job profile.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,324 3356  
Jan 24, 2021   #2
Will it be possible for you to reduce your paragraphs in relation to your skills? You have a pretty solid background that truly shows your ability to participate in this program. However, those are not the only consideration aspects for your application. You also need to justify your choice of courses as based on the university choices and how these relate to your previous education and work experience. You should also indicate an idea that relates to your possible thesis, as it applies to your home country or an international scale. Your motivation is pretty clear, but should be more focused in terms of the career you wish to pursue within this field. Your motivation is clear, but too wide and all encompassing. Center that focus on a particular field that you are actually interested in and skilled enough to succeed in once you have completed this course.
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Jan 24, 2021   #3

Thanks for your kindly help!

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