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'My interest on Forestry' - Letter of Motivation

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Oct 27, 2015   #1
Letter of Motivation

My interest on Forestry was sparked when I entered into the realm of the environment through my undergraduate study at the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. My interest in this field went deeper when I used to see the forests of my birthplace (Rangamati Hill District) were shrinking due to the continuous destruction of forests in the hills, because of unsustainable forest resources management and the change of traditional shifting cultivation. Hence, from my academic, professional and moral obligation, I want to strengthen my knowledge in the field of forestry so that I can contribute myself in forest resources management and broadly in climate resilient ecosystem development. Moreover, I always feel impulsive to do something for my people, for my nation and broadly for my country. To attain my goal, I have to make myself more efficient in this field by working with outstanding advisors, obliging colleagues and extensive academic resources along with my perseverance. Furthermore, the education in forestry in Bangladesh is still in the pioneer stage. Therefore, it is very important to study in developed countries like Germany to gather new advanced knowledge and ideas for my country. Besides, I always have cherished a dream to study in top universities in abroad, especially in Germany to achieve world standard education and Postgraduate degree in Tropical and International Forestry at Georg-August-University Göttingen which is the perfect place to hone my understanding and knowledge in forestry and forest sciences. In addition, the German education system has a strong international reputation for excellence both in teaching and research which promotes creativity and independent thinking.

I accomplished my B.Sc. and M.S. in Environmental Science from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh with first class marks, which were balanced with courses: Mycology, Pathology and Forest Protection, Ecology, Plant Physiology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Environmental Management, Land use Planning and Management etc. My most obvious advantage in research is the opportunity to submit a dissertation in the final semester of my undergraduate study. It was on "Contribution of Forest to the Livelihood of Chakma Community in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh" which later published in a peer reviewed scientific journal (Journal of Forest Research). In addition, over the entire course of my education, I also made time for extra-curricular activities that helped me build my interpersonal and leadership skills. I was involved as a volunteer in Ashika (Local NGO) where my duties were to organize different programs in connection with capacity development and awareness building on sanitation, waste management, tree plantation and environmental conservation program. I hope these experiences alongside my academic and professional achievements will assist me to undertake the course to earn an in-depth and up to date knowledge in the field of forest resources management.

The Postgraduate degree in Tropical and International Forestry at Georg-August-University Göttingen will definitely provide me better scope of becoming a specialist in Forestry. It will enhance my knowledge, analytical ability and comparative understanding of global experiences with local applications on forestry and forest sciences. As a representative of grassroots people, I feel it necessary to work in forest resources management because the indigenous peoples of Bangladesh are partially or fully dependent on forests not only for their cultures but also for their livelihoods. In addition, there is a lack of genuine forestry expertise among the indigenous communities. So, external consultants in this field are hired or even if local experts are employed, their capability barely reaches up to the mark. They cannot feel the beat of the forests and forest dependent people. Hence, they apply conventional knowledge, does not really work due to the differences in dimensions and complexities. So, the results become below satisfactory level.

I, as a member of an indigenous community, have always nurtured a dream to become a leading expert on forest resources management, particularly in the development of forest health and forest dependent people's livelihood of my country. As so, I involved in a USAID funded project named "CREL- Climate Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods", gathered the practical knowledge of adaptation to climate change and the process of managing natural resources with the cooperation of different stakeholders. It is true, in the near future, this type of works will be increasing in climate vulnerable countries like Bangladesh and there will be a huge scope to incorporate my fresh knowledge gathered from a foreign higher degree in any nature conservation project. Therefore, after completing this degree I will engage in environment related development work and I will use my congregated knowledge for better co-management practice to improve forest ecosystem and forest dependent people's livelihood.

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