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Introduce yourself to a teacher (background, interests, achievements, goals)

levan1998 1 / -  
Mar 10, 2012   #1

My name is CT and I am fromViet Nam. My English teacher in ILA school named me Leah so she can call my name easier. I always use that name to comunicate with foreigners and all the teachers at school. I am in the second semester of grade 8 in NGThieu 's Junior High School. Today, I would tell you a little bit about myself.


I was born in Ho Chi Minh city- the biggest city of Viet Nam that has the population over 8 millions people. It takes place about 1.730km far away by land from Ha Noi - the capital of Viet Nam. Now I am still living in Ho Chi Minh city and it is a wonderful city. The city is well-known of a lots historical monuments and famous landscapes. Some of them are Ben Nha Rong, Ha Long Bay, One-pillar Pagoda... The name of the city is also the name of Uncle Ho- the great leader who found the way to save our country.

I go to school every day from 7 a.m to 5 p.m and have extra classes in the evening except Sunday. My favorite subjects are Biology, Physic, Chemistry and English. I can't stand on Math, especially the geometry. I have studied English since I was 7 years old. I love studying English and I want to speak English fluently because I know that English is the language of many countries in the world. I am studying English at Cleverlearn now. I expect myself to do well in every class. I improve my English skills by listening music and watching films in English subtitle. I joined a few organizations which helped me to find a great scholarship. I really want to go abroad to study in countries that have a good education, such as : The United States, Singapore, England..etc. Viet Nam is still a developing country so I don't have good conditions and material facilities to study. My parents usually encourage me to practice English and they hope i will win a scholarship to a wonderful country. I used to work with my mom as the volunteers at an orphanage. I taught the children to speak English and played with them in the wide yard. I always try my best to perfect myself everyday .


My hobbies are hanging out with my friends, listening to music, watching films, eating and sleeping. I spend lot of my spare time to sleep. I always sleepy and tired. If I have a day off, I will just sleep all day. My biggest idol is BigBang- a Korean boy group that is very talent. My favorite food are: Pho which is the traditional food of Viet Nam, Beefsteak and Curry. I prefer playing board games to computer games.


I don't have many achievements. Maybe I am still young and I have enough time to make more goals but I always want to experience more different things in my life. Nobody is perfect. Of course, me too. I used to fail, to stumble and fall but I know that when I can stand up I will learn many usefull lessons in life. Some of my achievements that make me and my parents very proud are:

1. Get 100% in Grammar twice time at my English class.
2. Being a first-rate student in grade 6.
3. Never fall out of top 10 in a class.
4. Speaking English to a German in a n airplane.
5. Get a best English score in GSPP Placement test.

I will try new things and gain more achievements to make my parent proud of me.


I have a big dream that when I grow up I will travel around the world, learn different things, eat special food, see and touch new things. I have been saving my money since I was a little kid. One day when I old enough to have an adventure by myself, when I can stand up in my own legs, I will definitely perform my big dream. Beside that, I want to become a successful businesswoman. My parents are both entrepreneurs. They transmit all their trade secret to me and my brother. In the future, economics is the subject I want to study. I think to get a good job, I should study really hard and participate in social activities to challenge myself.

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