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Keen to study Master's program of Food Science with specialisation in Food Innovation and Management

mita23 34 / 37 3  
Apr 28, 2016   #1
Motivation letter for my master degree

Statement of Motivation
Dear Madam/Sir,
My name is Mita Eka Fitriani. I have graduated from Mataram University, Indonesia. After completion of my Bachelor degree in Agriculture Technology from the Department of Food Science and Technology, I am keen on continuing my study in Master's program of Food Science with specialisation in Food Innovation and Management. This program has close relation with not only my background but also condition of my environment. Born in small village, which has problems in food innovation and management due to lack of knowledge, encourages me to choose this subject. In general, food spread out in my area has not yet obtained proper innovation and management. Moreover, most farmers in my area are bound to sell vegetables and fruits or raw materials of food without a touch of technology, which makes them get less profit. By taking course of food innovation and management, I hope in the future, I would be able to overcome these obstacles and bring great innovation in food.

I have learned a vast range of important courses, such as planning of processing unit, food catering industry, quality control, functional food and other applicable courses. These made me do research "The content of vitamin C as a source of antioxidants in Yogurt Rosella (Hibiscuss sabdariffa L.)" for accomplishing my undergraduate thesis. When I was in university, I was an active scholar who dedicated myself to be Assistant Practical Work in Laboratory having responsibility in three fields, such as food chemistry, general biochemistry and fermentation technology of food. I realize that my experiences have not yet been enough to pursue my career becoming an expert in the field of food science and technology with specialisation in food innovation. I feel that I need to continue my study abroad, especially in Wageningen University because of many reasons. Firstly, this university is the best university in the world related to food science and technology. Many big food companies are started from brilliant ideas of Wageningen University's students. These ignite my desire to study there and be taught by marvelous instructors who have had a lot of acquaintance with food innovation and management. Secondly, Netherlands is appropriate country for me to learn about agricultural innovation product since this country is well known as agricultural country in Europe which attracts me to visit and know about it.

After finishing the master's program in overseas, I would go back to Indonesia and work as a lecturer having specialization in food innovation and management, as well as professional researcher in the food center for food innovation and management studies so that I can provide conceptual and technical contribution for food innovation issues. I think by sharing knowledge and being useful for many people are a noble deed. Using the knowledge and experience gained during study abroad, I am sure to be able to create remarkable innovation in food and help farmers to be innovative in my region and my country.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Apr 28, 2016   #2
Hi Mita, as much as I like the facts and details of your essay, I must say that the letter is, first of all, too long for its purpose, the information in the letter are somehow not necessary and some of it can be deleted and be kept for future reference and for argument purposes.

While at your revision, learn and execute the process of elimination by answering the question, What is the motivating factor of pursuing Masters in Food Science?, should you be able to answer this on your own, well you did, however, make sure that you focus on this question alone and answer it direct to the point. Highlight your academic achievements and make sure your reasons are loud and lear, meaning, use words that depict your purpose in a way that it is clear, concise and comprehensive.

Lastly, make it known to the admission council that this masters is a priority and your only focus should be given the opportunity.

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