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Feb 1, 2021   #1
Hello Everyone,
I am applying for the KGSP scholarship for a Master's course in Computer Science. For this I need 2 LORs from my undergraduate University professors and I have received one. I've had the possibility to adjust it so it can better fit the purpose of my application and I would very much appreciate your opinion of it.

The LOR has to contain the following aspects:
How long have you known the applicant and in what relationship?
- What are applicant's capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses (in regards to academic achievement, passion and interest for intended major, future academic potential, integrity, responsibility, independence, creativity, adaptability, communication skills, and others)?

-Please comment on the applicant's performance record, potential, or personal qualities which you believe would be helpful in considering the applicant's application for the proposed degree/research program.

Letter of Recommendation

I have the pleasure of recommending one of my most prominent students for admission at your renowned university. Ms. XXX attended one of my courses on Project Management at the beginning of the fall semester of 2019, during which she immediately stood out. She has been highly active and involved throughout the entire course, always posing the right questions, outlining less-obvious facets and also managing to raise very interesting issues.

Whenever bringing into discussion various software development methodologies, she is effortlessly able to entertain various points of view and thoroughly analyze approaches, succeeding in creating convergence between these and unifying them adequately, at the same time correctly assessing advantages and disadvantages of the varying approaches. While her method of approach is firmly based on a very well-structured package of knowledge, she is also able to challenge certain misconceptions and perhaps obsolete aspects propagated in the technical and management environment which, I believe, constitutes a valuable asset for your university medium.

As part of the laboratory work, teams were established in order to collaboratively solve problems and find ideas through brainstorming. On these occasions she revealed her inter-personal and communication skills by supporting and encouraging her peers in discovering new ideas, and at the same time showing her leadership skills by manifesting a great hands-on approach whenever the team needed empowerment and a guiding voice.

With respect to her laboratory achievements, she wrote an outstanding project proposal for a software application, demonstrating a deep understanding of software development processes and of technical components of an application, doubled by a highly skilled management approach. The structured and clear way in which the proposal was written reveals her very analytical and well-organized mind.

Being a student at the top faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in the country is a difficult and demanding task in itself, but the fact that she has managed to be a full-time employee in her fourth year and the most difficult year of her studies without neglecting her studies, and even receiving a scholarship in the first semester and finishing with a perfect 10 out of 10 score in the second semester. This behavior has shown her incredible dedication, passion and integrity towards her academic and professional development in the field. She is a truly inspiring individual that pursues her dreams and aspirations without restrains, and, most importantly, recognizes the correct degree of perfection of things that are well-done. This is why I believe she is a perfect candidate for the Master's program in Computer Science within your institution.

Based on my experience with Ms. XXX's character, demeanor and work ethic, she eagerly took her challenges very seriously, reaching the top 5% of the body of students in her year. Ana was a delightful student who took pride in what she did and I can attest with no hesitation to her strive for excellence. In addition to Ms. XXX's technical and analytical skills, she possesses significant foreign language skills and realizes the importance of being prepared for a variety of career opportunities. Therefore, it is my hope you will find favor upon Ms. XXX's application and grant her admission into your institution she so well deserves.

Dean Prof. Eng. D. XXX
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Feb 2, 2021   #2
Give a simple background of your professor at the start. A formal introduction is necessary with regards to your professor as the reviewer needs to gauge his authority in writing the letter. By the way, it could help if he mentions the GPA you got in his class, provided it is related to the masters course you are applying for before mentioning your skills and qualifications as a student. The GPA mention should help catch the eye of the reviewer and consider your abilities, skills, and talents more seriously. He should make more mention of the laboratory achievements in relation to the specific requirement in your personal statement that asks you to prove that you have the ability and interest to do research. By having a professor back up that statement, it enhances that portion of your personal statement for consideration. Remove the references to "Ana". The professor knows that he must keep an academic tone so he has to refer to you as "Ms." so and so.
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Feb 10, 2021   #3
Thank you so much! I have made the changes suggested. Besides those, do you believe it is a strong LOR?