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'I am from Madura Island.' This Is a Letter To Bima - Unipdu FT C

Jombang, 28 October 2016
Attention To :
Bima Bayu Baskoro
Kanigaran 005/005

Assalamualaikum Bima
Hello my friend,how are you there? I trust you are great. My name is Minwa , I am a nineteen years old. I am from Madura Island. Now I'm studying at Unipdu Jombang ,East java. My college has a boarding house. so I live there.I really miss with my family because I've never back to Madura for 1 year. In my college, I speak Javanesse and Indonesian languages with my teachers and friends. I only speak Indonesian outside my college. Operating System is one of my favourite subject. That's all from me, Bima, tell me more about your college. Please send my regards to your family and friend.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.



Bima Bayu Baskoro - Amin Waro

Nov 1, 2016   #2
Please refer to this cleaned up version of your letter for corrections to your original work:


I am Minwa from Madura Island. How are you? I am looking forward to getting to know you. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am 19 years old and I currently live in a college dorm in Unipdu Jombang, East Java. I have not been home to Madura in more than a year. I miss speaking Indonesian because at college, I have to speak Javanese and Indonesia

How about you? I trust you are doing well Bima, I'd like to hear more from you. Tell me about your college life. Do you have a favorite subject? Mine is called Operating System.

I hope you can write to me soon. Please send my regards to your friends and family.

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