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Management Engineering focusing on circular economy motivation letter

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Mar 1, 2022   #1

I want to apply for a Master's degree in Management engineering choosing the Circular economy as track. I would love to get any feedback on below. Thank you so much in advance.

Explain what you hope to achieve, as well as what qualifies you as a top candidate for the admission, why you selected that specific programme, and why you have chosen Politecnico di Milano among other universities.

letter of motivation

Esteemed Admissions committee from the Management Engineering,

I intend to become a changemaker who creates and leads sustainable and innovative solutions in business, capturing the real value of the total impact on society and building positive economic, social and environmental footprint in ways that are profitable. My name is XXXXX, I hold a bachelor 's degree in International Business and I wish to apply to the ______ master's program at the _________..

51,000 million is the estimated number of tons of greenhouse gases that are contributed each year, and this figure tends to grow. The earth is warming due to human activity, since the pre-industrial era the temperature has risen 1° and if emissions are not reduced, it can increase up to 3° by 2050. This additional heat has an impact on changes in the climate, which in turn impacts economic growth and consequently on the quality of life, not only for the human being, but for all the species and the ecosystems. However, the solution considered by science is the net-zero commitment, which proposes the non-emission of greenhouse gases, applying tools such as solar and wind energy and innovating in cutting-edge technology. To address this issue and be those who thrive to transform business practices, I want to pursue an academic path that allows me to work as a Sustainability Consultant, devising new approaches to business models that fits for 21st century realities, contributing to establishing Net Zero strategies and driving green business building strategies.

Throughout my studies I focused on modules that enabled me to comprehend strategic methodologies and innovation tools to launch new business within international markets, and at the same time comprehend that we must replace the goal of infinite growth with growth in equilibrium. In 2016 I took part in a work-study summer program course "International entrepreneurship Challenge" where I explored current ventures and entrepreneurship challenges such as government bureaucracy, risk-taking and home and host operations, but analyzing the opportunities to take advantage from external and internal environments. From this point, I understood the importance as a leader and the dynamics of innovation within the capture of opportunities guided towards change. Additionally, these topics built my interest in transforming an idea into a solution service for climate change with key technologies, profiting from innovation and key alliances.

In 2018 I held an internship at Ecopetrol, a colombian oil company, where I was responsible to lead the risk control and mitigation project to prevent oil spills, it was necessary to know the root problem to create a correct resolution flow. For this,I had the initiative to adapt and implement Six Sigma as a tool to support the strategic decision. This led to the control and elimination of the problems identified that generated delays and conflicts in the management of environmental disaster prevention measures. Being part of this project provided me with a greater understanding of the importance of transparency of ESG in companies and how this is related with a business model that have the objective of understanding its degree of sustainability, focusing on long-term value creation and where sustainable models innovation creates new sources of differentiation, carrying out an economic activity without endangering social life and without sacrificing natural resources.

This understanding was reaffirmed in 2020 while I was working leading the Latin American market entry strategy project for a landscape and irrigation brazilian company. Making use of several strategic market assessment tools to increase positioning in Latin American countries, I identified three South American countries that have a decrease in rainfall due to the effects of climate change, which in turn generates a latent need for technical irrigation in areas of agriculture and landscaping. The correct management of the water resource for these countries means a growth in economic productivity, especially when agricultural activity accounts for a large part of GDP. Since then, I became aware that green-growth opportunities are leading the way and new models of resource efficiency are emerging at a rapid pace.

In 2021 I joined the consulting club of the Federal University of Ceará, a study group focused on the development of solving real business problems that at the same time stimulates the preparation towards the consulting career. For the past year I have read, discussed and participated in business cases for Brazilian companies, focusing on the transformation of their business models towards a circular economy model. I currently acted as an active consultant within the club, assisting and imparting learning material for club members, which developed my autonomy and my critical thinking ability.

Currently, my primary ambition is to conduct research on transition to a circular economy in StartUps and new ventures in Latin America, by transforming business models, accelerating sustainable finance and investing and building sustainable supply chains. My main interest is understanding how we can transform today's economies that are degenerative by default, into economies that are regenerative by design. I particularly witnessed this reality during my internship, which reinforced my aspiration to become a sustainability consultant, helping businesses to optimize for social and business value.

The Management Engineering with Circular Economy as track program is ideal for me considering its stimulating curriculum with courses such as "Leadership and Innovation", "Strategy and Marketing" and "Circular economy business Models", allowing me to build great insights on sustainable and innovation strategies and identifying key methodologies for business models conversion. Joining this university would enable me to be part of a highly qualified and multicultural community where important topics are discussed by people with several backgrounds. The university also provides different spaces that I would like to contribute to, such as the Città studi sustainable campus, where I can find a space to be part of and be involved working for the vision of sustainable campuses. The Re-Netta research activity would also allow me to work with exceptional work teams towards the circular economy in the building sector.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
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Mar 1, 2022   #2
A motivational letter aimed at attending an international university masters course is not an academic and internship biography. The admissions committee is not interested in your past experiences as an undergraduate and pre-professional experience. Rather, they would like to know what sort of career forward thinking mindset you have at this time that dictates an imperative need for advanced theory and advanced internship experience. How are you motivated to achieve future international and national goals in relation to your current and future profession? This essay does not provide that foundational response. As far as a motivational letter revision is concerned, the second and last 2 paragraphs can be used as the focus of the revision.

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