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Management v/s Science - Motivational Letter for MSc in Industrial Engineering

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Nov 25, 2012   #1
Hey everyone here is my motivational letter for MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management. Please give me your critical comments so that I can improve on it. Thank you

Management v/s Science - this is an eternal battle faced by most students who share an equal passion and aptitude towards both these streams. This was the same dilemma that I faced when I was finishing high school. As I was always fascinated by science, selecting Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science as my high school majors was a natural progression.

I was introduced to the trade and commerce aspect at a young age as my family background consists of a long line of entrepreneurs and industrialists. Our family businesses include manufacturing setups for bolts and nails and trading of industrial fasteners. During my high school, I gained experience in simple management through my father's business.

Considering my logical reasoning led me to Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) and it captured my interest. On investigating the various topics covered under this course, I was introduced to:

1. Operations Research
2. Supply Chain Management
3. Quality Assurance
4. Manufacturing Processes
5. Value Engineering
6. Operations Management

Here was an option that was offering me a combination of the two worlds, an amalgamation of topics which would allow me to study all those subjects which appealed to me and this is what I decided to proceed with as my undergraduate option. Thus, after completing my schooling from the prestigious XXXX School, I joined XXXX University for my undergraduate studies in IEM with a scholarship.

My biggest learning or challenge was during my 2nd year of engineering when I was chosen to be a part of an 8 member team to represent college at Efficycle 2011 conducted by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAEINDIA). The event required us to design and fabricate an efficient hybrid- a human cum electric powered vehicle.

Being a small team, I was heavily involved throughout the entire process, right from conceptualization and designing to fabrication, report making etc. This gave me important hands on experience of how a product is created from scratch, all the processes and complications involved; teaching me to continue ahead in the face of adversity and showing me the power of teamwork. I also learnt the importance of how technology and management go hand in hand as this project tested not just our technical knowledge but also our capability to do market surveys, documentation and presentation, pitch for sponsors, finance management etc.

Having learned just basics in our engineering course so far, the team practically applied many concepts that we would learn in our later semesters Participation in this event involved months of hard work with long strenuous hours. It developed my ability to multi task as I had to juggle academics, the event and other aspects of my life.

Our sleepless nights and hard work paid off in the end as we won the 'Best Design Award' from among 100 teams countrywide.

I was a part of the core committee in the organization of 'Virtual Baja' an SAE event with over 270 participating colleges. The experience taught me invaluable management and organising skills.

During the course of my final semester (Feb-Jun 2013), I will be heading a team in undertaking a project at XXXX Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India's leading power supply design company. The project will involve identifying shortcomings and bottle necks starting from Materials Management to Production Line efficiency and eliminating them.

My various commitments to extra curricular and co curricular activities have not adversely affected my academics as I have consistently been in the top 10% and I expect to graduate with the highest grade of First Class Distinction.

My interest towards IEM has blossomed further during my undergraduate course and in particular towards subjects like Simulation, Operations Research, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. This has motivated me to opt to study further and develop my knowledge and skills in this field as I believe my undergraduate programme is only a good foundation for these subjects. Industrial Engineering can be used to optimise all spheres of life and my aim is to acquire knowledge that can then be applied to develop innovations in the industrial sector.

Netherlands is well known for its advancements in technological innovations. The University of XXXX is the best university in Netherlands and among the top 1.3% of universities in Europe. Having reviewed the various graduate programmes available, I have found that the MSc Industrial Engineering and Management course at your university is ideal for my purpose and relevant to my interest. Your course offers the right blend of technology and management along with an excellent study environment for the same.
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Dec 12, 2012   #3

You start out your Statement of Purpose (Motivation) strong. But it ends very weak. On the graduate level Operations Research, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management are pretty much each their own branch of engineering. Sure you can take a few classes in each, but it will not give you the level of information that you seek unless you focus on one area. To make this statement much strong you should select one and focus your essay on how the particular school can help you strengthen your skills. Also, you don't really talk about the actual resources available at the school. Sure it's a nice place to study, sure they are ranked very highly ---they already know this, no need to tell them again. We can help. - admissions advice online

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