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Media and technology - Motivation letter for Erasmus programme

Nasiressuman 1 / 1  
Nov 18, 2020   #1
This motivation letter needs to answer the following question below:

1. Explain how past experiences have prepared him or her for participation in the master in digital communication leadership.

2. How this programme is likely to improve his or her own career perspective.

3. Why the candidate is interested in the topic of digital communication leadership.

Motivation letter

Media and technology have clouded the space of advanced countries in significant ways and is rapidly creeping into developing countries alike. This is really exciting taking into consideration the positive impacts it has proven to have on the economies of advanced countries. In a time like this, I would want to be involved in this positive revolution hence this letter to express my drive, commitment and qualification to pursue studies in Digital Communication Leadership.

In the beginning, I had a challenge deciding a clear path in between varied feasible careers. My decision to become a communicator was highly influenced by series of events I witnessed at the age of twenty years. I witnessed the death of a neighbor who left behind two young children after suffering from high blood pressure as well as another who battled with stroke to death leaving behind his family as the sole breadwinner. These incidents motivated me to take up the responsibility of creating awareness and educating my neighborhood on health-related issues. Other health-related premature deaths were on the rise and this got me worried so I engaged my friends in school on the situation and the best possible solutions. Speaking to some parents of my friends who were health professionals, they agreed to come give educational talks on health when I am able to organize the community to give a listening ear. Capitalizing on this, I engaged the chief and opinion leaders in my community on the importance of health education to curb the menace of pre-mature health related deaths of which they assisted me in organizing community health talk on weekly basis. Subsequently, series of these community health talks brought massive improvement as the premature death rate related to health reduced drastically in my community.

This illuminated my knowledge on the power and role of communication even in health so I took to writing on health-related issues for publication in the Junior Graphic, a newspaper in Ghana and later on my personal blog (victoriakittoe.blogspot.com). I wrote educative articles on health-care to get my audiences paying attention to their health and that of those around them to avoid such premature health-related occurrences. These experiences nurtured my interest in communication and the media so I enrolled to study Communication Studies at the university in order to broaden my knowledge and better my skills to become a communication expert, of which I have never regretted. As part of my undergraduate studies, I did my internship with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) which inspired me to pursue a program in Digital Communication Leadership. During my internship, I discovered that digital communication is flexible and has a wider reach and many people are switching and adapting to it thus appreciating the digitization of communication to traditional means of communication in other to fit into the fast-technological advancing world. I then decided to further my education in digital communication to explore the opportunities that come with it.

What is exciting about Ghana's media and communication industry for the next decade is that, like the radical social and economic changes, changes in the existing media framework will also be inevitable. The stunted public credibility of media, the intellectual strictness and all those deficiencies must be changed prior to the contemporary evolution in expectation. To achieve those desired changes, the development of well-trained media workers alongside technological advancement is indispensable. My present application for a Master's program in Digital Communication Leadership is precisely motivated by the recognition that, having received a standard undergraduate education, I must acquire international outlook by learning in a country with advanced media industry. With this international background and education, I will be well equipped to face the challenges in Ghana's future media profession, which is increasingly penetrated by international media organizations.

I am interested in digital communication leadership because our contemporaneous life is engrossed by technology which without, life will not be the same. It is my desire to reach a larger audience with credible information that will enlighten and inform as the digital life is growing significantly with uncredible sources. My knowledge in digital communication will enable me increase my content reach in the society which is important to me because I have the desire to promote healthy living in Ghana.

Additionally, for the next ten years it is my vision to lead and consult for major media conglomerates, helping to chart new paths in the new world of media and technology in Africa.

I am delighted to find that Digital Communication Leadership is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together teaching and research across social sciences, focusing strongly on media and technology change and their implications for social, economic and political life and for political making. I believe an exposure to diverse concepts and ideas in this vigorous academic climate is beneficial to my development of independent opinions and decisions.

My prospective program of study will definitely become a turning point in my life. By learning how advanced forms of media operate, I will acquire knowledge highly relevant to Ghana's media profession.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,562 3753  
Nov 19, 2020   #2
Past experiences that prepared you for participation in the masters program does not include non-professional experience. You are to speak of your professional development since you graduated from university, entered the workforce, and found yourself working in a more focused manner in the digital communication field. It is based upon this professional experience that your leadership as a digital communicator should begin to show evidence. The story about your neighbor, and the activities contained are notable, but irrelevant to the discussion. It does not show your ability to become a digital communication leader as there was no digital communication involved at the time of that activity.

Your undergraduate course is relevant to the discussion but, there is still a lack of professional application of your knowledge, which is a requirement for these types of masters courses. You should have at least 2 years relevant professional experience in the related field in order to at least be considered as a candidate. As of now, this is a not a competitive presentation. It lacks in professional merit, consideration, and future career planning as required by the EM scholarship program.
OP Nasiressuman 1 / 1  
Nov 19, 2020   #3
Thanks for the feedback. It's appreciated .

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