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Medical Laboratory Science graduate - Motivation Letter for Stipendum Hungaricum

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Jan 17, 2022   #1
University of Debrecen
Faculty of Public Health
University of Pecs
Faculty of Health Sciences


As a result-oriented and goal-driven graduate of Medical Laboratory Science, I am really interested in doing my Masters in Public Health and Clinical Laboratory Sciences in Hungary as it relates well with my personal goals and ambition which is to be able to contribute immensely to the public health needs and obtain required world-class skills to provide better and lasting solution to health problems for the susceptible regions in my country and to also drive innovation to advance medical care through research in infectious and tropical diseases.

It so much interest me to do my Masters in Hungary as the country possess one of the best universities in Europe for Health and Medicine education. Also, the allure of studying and working closely with a large number of international students attracted me to Hungary which will really expose me to many different cultures and values.

My studies in Hungary will give me sound knowledge on epidemiology in a developing country like Nigeria, which I would learn how best to diagnose, treat, and cure most epidemic diseases in different regions of my country. Likewise, health promotion is to be able to sensitize the public about different health issues and the best ways to diagnose, prevent and cure them. Also, health management and policy in overseeing public health activities and laboratory works while actively engaged in them and to create policies that would promote and sustain progress made in the public health sector and laboratory services.

I strongly believe my practice as a Medical Laboratory Scientist has really equipped me with the knowledge of many diseases in my country and how best to diagnose them thus my intended research on Infectious and tropical diseases in my Masters in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. My extensive work experience in different parts of my country has also widened my view and knowledge on different epidemic diseases prone to these particular regions. With all my experiences, I will really be in the best position to proffer the best solutions with my Master's in Public Health.

During the compulsory one year service to my country, I participated in a free medical outreach which really exposed me to many plagued diseases in the community with no proper diagnosis and also with my involvement in the Medical and Health Community Development Group where we really sensitized the community in schools, religious gatherings and health centers on how to prevent many epidemic diseases around the region.

I really want to imbibe the necessary skills obtained in my studies into the public health sector and laboratory services in my country. The qualification gotten will provide enough avenues to interact with the top officials in the health sector to proffer better solutions to major bottlenecks affecting laboratory services and the public health sector. I will map out proper campaigns with international organizations from the world-class knowledge obtained to diagnose, and control epidemic diseases in prone regions of my country.

I know studying in a foreign country can be a daunting task, associated with a total shift of culture, values, and language especially coming from a third-world country like Nigeria. I really love that I can learn Hungarian as an elective course while studying in Hungary. This will really make me at home with other people that I live around as I am always eager to learn new languages.

Through my experience in the health sector, I developed compassion and commitment to helping people in prone epidemic regions so I will really be elated if afforded the opportunity to study in Hungary.

Thanks so much for your consideration.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,560 4442  
Jan 17, 2022   #2
The first paragraph requires editing. The thought process is in the form of a run-on sentence which leads to a lack of clarity in the presentation. The writer must clearly spell out what the academic and personal goals out. The paragraph should not be a race to write as many words as possible. It is all about informing the reviewer about the specific motivations the student has, using as many idea sentences as possible in the paragraph.

The second paragraph is uninformative. It contains general references to the reasons why the student wants to study in Hungary and, at a Hungarian university. The problem, is that the writer has skipped the specifics that makes the university and the country a special consideration. So the paragraph appears to describe any general international university rather than representing a specific focus on studies in Hungary. It can be removed from the presentation.
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Jan 17, 2022   #3
Hello! you use words such as I really want which is kinda informal. Also the second paragraph is too brief and information which makes it kind of ucnlear.

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