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MOTIVATION LETTER. I am applying for law degree B.A program in Italy. Need proofread.

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May 7, 2020   #1

my interest in participating the law program

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my interest in the law program at University of Milan to start from 2020-2021, in which I am vigorously intending to. Law field is the place where my driving ambition lies upon, and this program will be a significant step to not only my career prospects but also individual enhancement. I hope that my academic performance and community service experience will make a good fit candidate for the program.

My new interest out of school gave me a broader perspective to the way I see the world. Ever since my high school senior year, I have been really keen to study philosophy as a part of my interest, and immensely fascinated by Karl Marx, Heidegger's and many others' ideas of philosophy. I wrote essays inspired by those concepts of thinkers, and awarded a couple of medals in high school. In the end, this enthusiasm gave a trigger of passion to study law. As I enrolled at my recent university, I took philosophy and human rights introductory classes as I aspired to. I acquired firm opinions on why we have laws, why we have to obey them, and why making sense of human rights is important for every individual in society. As my curiosity drives more to study, I have understood that there is no doubt for the wish that I want to further study the field.

Besides from what I noted, I found out what my big objective in the future and my passion meant for it, by doing community service work. Serving as a volunteer in the name of YMCA has raised my social and even global awareness, and taught me about what difficulties are underlying in my community. Mongolia is wholly dependent on livestock and natural resources, most of the population is highly vulnerable to poverty, and human rights and social concerns are getting more critical year by year. Serving as a volunteer in rural kindergarten, it is hard to see children, our precious future, are in lack of nutrition in the 21st century, and growing in a highly polluted place malignant to their health. By seeing these complications, I realized that I should be the person who should work for social welfare and be obliged to advocate for people in need of justice and exercise their human rights. More specifically regarding my career, I have built my passion to professionalise environmental law in the future. Since climate change followed social concerns are increasing, the role of the legal community in this field is in high demand. By gaining legal education, I will have the right set of skills and knowledge to affect those stakeholders, and help my community to mould sustainable way of life. To make my approach to a broader extent; hence, gaining world-class education will be the first significant step for me.

Milan is one of the most diverse and modern cities in Europe, and it will be fortunate for me to pace and peer with a variety of students from different backgrounds because it will not only make me a better individual but also extend my international approach in the future. It will be a great honor for me to study in one of the prestigious universities in Europe. Nonetheless, the reason I am desiring to study in University of Milan is because the school has a long years of experience with law and an abundance of research studies. I found out that the University of Milan focuses on broad disciplines of law, including environmental law. It will be such a chance for me to practice law in an environment capable of highly competitive scholars and professionals. I find that this school is the right place to seek academic and professional growth.

As an individual, studying in Italy will substantially benefit my personal growth. When I was working with international volunteers, it made me learn more different aspects of cultures, and there is a lot to learn out of such diversity. I am an adventurous person who looks for new tastes and exploring cultures because I believe that such experience extends my horizon of the world and will make me a broad-minded individual. Hence, I will be willing to study Italian, and learn the best out of the culture with whole enthusiasm. I know living on my own in a foreign country will be challenging, but having been said that I can not only gain valuable life-skills by living by myself but also become a competitive global citizen.

University of Milan is where I see the ideal picture of myself and will open a big gateway to my career path, It will not only bring reputation to me and my family, but will also bring reputation to my home country. I do not have even a single reason to give up and step back on my studies. More importantly, I am aware of the kind of diligence, perseverance, and responsibility that I need to achieve the best of results in the field.

My utmost gratitude to you for consideration of my application and I look forward to hearing from you.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,324 3356  
May 8, 2020   #2
The first thing your letter should be doing, as a motivation letter, is explain why you would like to pursue law studies in Milan rather than your home country. You have to consider that learning Law in Milan will focus your understanding of the law mostly upon its application within the Italian justice system. Since you are from Mongolia, you will need to justify the reasons why you believe that a BA in Law from an Italian university would be applicable in your country. The law is country specific. Unless you are planning to study International Law, which is not what you are stating as your interest. If you study international law, rather than simply Law, then you would have a reason to want to enroll in school in Italy. You could say that your interest in the law grew out of an interest in the law as it applies to corporate, federal, or international organizations, or non-profit groups. The interest in any of these legal avenues as it applies to law should be the backbone of your motivational letter.

You should take paragraph 3 and develop that into the main focus of your motivational letter. It will be more interesting to the reviewer than the scattered presentation that you have now. As for the choice of Italy, to study in, refer to the environmental issues that Italy faces and how their justice system has resolved it as your point of interest. Then tie that to the University of Milan and their notable graduates who have influenced your desire to become a lawyer.

If you revise the essay in this manner, the motivation letter should be better and more interesting to the reviewer. It should explain your motivations and its applicability to your future career goal in a clearer manner.

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